Day 170

Day 170

At night, while the stars shine down on the world.

While there were some people scattered around the Royal Castle, there was another group sneaking around. They were a group consisting of a thoroughly trained elite Goblin and some Ninja Kobolds who specialized in covert operations.

In their hands were either matted daggers made of mithril or Ninja Swords, which are living body weapons.

On their bodies they wore black armor that increases their hiding effectiveness, which was made of black bones. Only the exterior of the armor was able to move.

Like this, they didn't speak as they moved in search of prey, but instead used hand signals and eye contact to communicate in secrecy.

With their ability as spies having been greatly enhanced, their goal was the Nobles Faction's private army.

They edged up behind the enemy, who was on the lookout for suspicious characters as they walked the corridors of the Royal Castle, and silenced them by cutting their throat. Because their experienced movements were carried out silently, not even someone standing in the hallway several meters ahead of them would have taken notice.

The corpse of the target they hunted was put in a body bag and brought back with them, without leaving a single drop of blood behind.

Although they're like skilled assassins, they aren't related to the Nobles Faction. When a common soldier passes by as they're doing their work, they hide themselves without doing anything.

They're able to naturally get into a soldier's blind spot by using the cover of a pillar to hide themselves. Those among them that are particularly skilled can change the shape of the exterior armor's black bones so they can cling to the ceiling. These occurrences are unusual, though.

Like this, the hunting continued until daybreak. In total, more than fifty of their private soldiers went missing.

The soldiers were never found, but the bodies of ten nobles were discovered instead.

They were not nobles that had a strong influence like the Sly Old Fox and the Strong Grandson, but they were able to affect the lower seats. The corpses of the nobles were discovered by their maids when they went to wake them, and their strange appearance made it likely that they were killed using the same poison that killed the Minister.

Although they let their greatest enemy escape, since they had taken control of the majority of the Kingdom, the people that belonged to the Nobles Faction were somewhat careless. These assassinations that occurred will cause them to remember the casual murder of the Minister, reawakening the terror that they had started to forget.

In response, some people quietly returned to their territory, while others tried to escape from the heavy pressure with alcohol and women. There were also some who were furious at the killings and sneered excitedly that the killer should kill them if they can.

Their reactions varied, yet the commonly held fear was hard to express.

For the time being, the nobles were not foolish. They had a rough idea who the criminal was. They thought it was the black Apostle Lord that was employed by the Tomboy Princess. He had displayed his combat ability in the arena, so they thought that he had the potential to penetrate the guard network around the Minister's residence.

However, they had no evidence. It was not possible for them to conclude that he is a limitless criminal.

For that reason, they thought they had to take into consideration the fact that it might be a different criminal.

This confused and disturbed them, since the nobles did not have the means to deduce the correct answer.

A report was delivered at this point saying that the Tomboy Princess had rose up in order to command an army.

Although she was able to escape from the Strong Grandson, they didn't think that kind of information would show up within one day.

Since they were certain the Tomboy Princess was within the Amber Palace until just before the coup d'état, she must have gotten hold of the information beforehand.

It should have been a three day ride on a horse in order to arrive at the home of the Duke that was on friendly terms with the Tomboy Princess. It was simply unimaginable to do it in one day.

That's why the subordinate who gave him the report was cross-examined many times by the Strong Grandson, who asked him, "That's impossible, are you sure the information isn't mistaken?" However, it didn't take long before he was convinced that if it was the princess, it was possible for her to have done so.

He thought so because she had inherited the blood of the founder of the nation, King Rorgis, in which dwells the ability to read the minds of others.

However, the blood's power has weakened over the years to the point that most of the current members of the royal family have lost this ability. There are a few exceptions, but most of them must have direct contact in order to read the other party's mind, otherwise it will be an inaudible whisper that they can't understand.

The few exceptions to this are the Tomboy Princess and the First Queen.

The First Queen is able to read the thoughts of the people she's seen with her own eyes.

However, reading the part of the mind that holds a person's cleverly hidden intentions is difficult, since it is possible to provide false information with enough effort. This doesn't change the fact that it's still a wonderful ability, though.

He's facing off against the Tomboy Princess though, who is said to be a 【Throwback】 that's gifted with an unusual power which is exceedingly close to that of Founder King Rorgis, who was a 【Satori Mixblood】.

It could be said that the power that is able to read the deep recesses of its target's mind merely by seeing or recognizing them was way too strong.

Because she was born with this unusual power, as well as 【God of Judgement's Divine Protection】, she was confined in a tower without taking a single step outside until she was twelve years old. The princess had no freedom, though she was carefully raised to have a very important career.

Since she was chained to others from birth, she ended up seeing both the beautiful and filthy sides of many people, and as a result she became warped.

That's why she became a tomboy and manipulated others from the shadows. Although she was a princess of the royal family, she was determined to secure her own freedom, even if it destroyed the Kingdom in the process.

For that reason, he thought that if it was the Tomboy Princess, it might be possible for her to predict the coup d'état beforehand. Although his plans were strictly hidden, the Strong Grandson came to the conclusion that it may have been possible for them to be leaked in some way.

He thought this because she meant to overturn the way things are in the Sternbild Kingdom for the sake of her own freedom, which she wanted for her own convenience.

Even though he felt irritation towards the unusual power left by her distant ancestor, the Strong Grandson earnestly made preparations to attack the Tomboy Princess's private army.

■ ■ ■

――Founder King Rorgis

The Sternbild Kingdom was built by a person that was a Mixblood that possessed the 【Legendary Hero】 job, which is a rare job that combines the traits of the 【Hero】 and 【Great Hero】 jobs.

Rorgis' mother, the 【Great Hero】 Ruskatia, was known as the 【Defender of War Souls】. It's said that she used a battle axe to reclaim around half of the current Sternbild Kingdom's territory during a dark age when monsters that were more powerful than today's monsters were prevalent.

Rorgis' father was considered a 【Disaster Designated Individual】 class monster, born into the world as a result of a 【Mountain God】 that was defeated during 【Eschatology: War of Conquest】 losing all of its divine power and falling into ruin, becoming known as 【Fallen God: Old Man in the Mountain's Shadow】. At that point, a figure similar to an ape man was produced out of his own flesh and blood, as well as his brain, creating the mind reader, 【Satori】.

It seems that Ruskatia and Satori encountered each other on the battlefield.

Many people gathered because of the 【Great Hero】 Ruskatia, becoming her companions. Before long, new children were born from them. Since monsters that were more powerful than today's monsters were prevalent, humans were limited in what living provisions they could acquire. However, the solidarity of her companions was strong.

For that reason, there were many conflicts between humans. They were easier to kill than monsters, and for that reason alone there were many wars.

There, after traversing the hot sands of the desert, passing over mountains and through forests, 【Satori】 arrived from an island nation in the far east, which existed across the ocean.

Satori, who had a very tough body and was quite ferocious, also inherited the regrets of his creator, the 【Great God: ■■■】, who supported the world in accordance with the direction they decided on.

It's said that aside from his ability to read minds, he had a body that was no less than four meters tall and the bristles that grew on it had a hardness equal to dragon scales, while his movements could surpass the speed of sound.

That sort of Satori intruded in the war that occurred between Ruskatia and another tribe.

The war ended after three days and nights when Ruskatia beheaded their leader.

The damage done by the Satori to Ruskatia's companions that participated in the war was enormous, though the damage the other tribe they were fighting suffered almost completely destroyed them.

Ruskatia became pregnant due to a spurt of the Satori's blood. Though it's not certain why she gave birth to Rorgis, her sworn enemy's child, but the circumstances caused the two to become one.

However, Ruskatia had lost the ability to fight on her own, so instead she trained Rorgis so that he could fight on his own.

This is the story that was carved into a lithograph that's passed down among the royal family.

Well, that's the long and short of it, anyway.

■ ■ ■

Should I now summarize the events of the entire day so that they're easy to understand?

The private soldiers of the Strong Grandson, as well as several nobles, were assassinated.

This has caused uneasiness to spread among those in the Nobles Faction.

Information that the Tomboy Princess is raising a private army reached them. However, it's only half true. I've been in contact with allies of the Duke's Uncle through the use of a communication demon, a clone that specializes in information transmission, because the Uncle has come to the Royal Capital leading an army. The Tomboy Princess is currently underground.

The Strong Grandson believes that more than half of the information is true. This is because he knows of the various things that the Tomboy Princess, who has been confined until just recently, did behind the scenes for the sake of her own freedom.

I'm currently preparing the troops to meet the enemy.

There's a group of us underground that are awaiting orders to sneak into their ranks. The flesh of the private army is amazing.

Well, I wonder what this feeling is?

There were various things that the Tomboy Princess has done behind the scenes to gain her freedom, such as; skillfully inciting people to commit crimes, using the injustice she discovered to bully people into doing something for her, leaking people's adultery to their wives in order to tear their appearance to shreds, and so on and so forth.

The earnest desire for freedom which overflowed from her heart was distorted by her lifelong imprisonment, which caused her power to read minds to completely manifest itself. The Minister feared this power and, seeing it as a hindrance, recklessly tried to have her kidnapped and assassinated, which resulted in him suffering the consequences.

She was forced to read the minds of others too often, which caused her mental age and thinking ability to rise. However, since experience didn't accompany this growth, she seems to make basic mistakes unexpectedly.

That being said, her mind reading ability doesn't work on me for some reason, and its effectiveness is low for the other members of my group.

Therefore, even if she knows my real nature, it's a trivial matter at this point. With the exception of her mind reading and her somewhat special skill, she's just a frail and beautiful girl of suitable age, so there shouldn't be a problem.

The relationship between us is that of an employer to an employee. Although it's uncertain how long this relationship will last, but it's going reasonably well so far, isn't it?

Anyway, since our plans for today were somewhat different from usual, I was tired and went to lie down.

Starting tomorrow, I intend to frequently reduce the enemy's forces like I did today.

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Caudyr's Note

  • 【Eschatology: War of Conquest】, the "Eschatology" is normally used in theology (in the real world) to mean "The study of end times"...but I think in this case it's meant to be "The Study of the War of Conquest", hence "Eschatology: War of Conquest". Also, "Eschatology: War of Conquest" was put above the kanji in rubi, so that's the name...I just wanted to clarify what the word means, and why it actually FITS here. ^^