Day 168

Day 168

Morning training was completed without any problems, so I decided to spend the afternoon in the Amber Palace learning more about this world.

Although I've been extensively using my clones and my own body to gain knowledge concerning this world, there's still an overwhelming number of things I don't know about.

I guess it's only natural that there are many things I don't know about though, since it hasn’t even been half a year since I was reincarnated.

At any rate, as expected of the heart of the Sternbild Kingdom, I'm grateful that I'm able to read the many valuable books, magic books and so on that are here. The Tomboy Princess arranged my visit, and because the books and documents in the Sternbild Kingdom's National Library were excellent references, I was able to make good progress in my studies.

I was able to easily learn information that could be put to good use in the future by investigating things such as the characteristics of each country and a general idea of their war potential, information on the personalities of Heroes and 【Great Heroes】 and their weapons, trends and specialties of each region and the dungeons within them, legal systems and their laws, cooking methods for delicious food, and so on.

As I thought, although I had gathered some information about this world from Redhead, Blacksmith-san and the others, if I want to learn more detailed information about it, I’ll have to borrow certain books from the library.

While I read a book, I enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere as I watched Auro and Argento study next to me.

Moments like these are nice. Our target took the bait tonight, so we decided to enter the underground without being noticed.

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