Day 167

Day 167

Recently, there has been confusion among the foreign spies in the Royal Capital.

Although I say that, the biggest cause of it has been me.

To be honest, I've been chasing down spies for a while. In the morning, I'd collect information about them using my clones; specifically their appearance, age, affiliation, equipment, and current location. Then, after night fell, I'd hunt them down under the cover of darkness.

【Recognition Difficulty】, 【Kidnap】, and 【Wiretapping】 are very useful at during this time period. Unlike 【Recognition Difficulty】, there aren’t many situations where 【Kidnap】 can be used, but I can still appreciate the ability since it's very useful in this particular setting.

At certain times, there are some things that can be unexpectedly useful. I guess eating a lot is a good idea, after all. The reason why I stubbornly hunted the spies was so that I could gather information.

After all, there's a limit to the amount of information that can be gathered about the other countries while I'm in the Royal Capital. In addition, it's better if I ask the professionals so that I can hear inside stories from the people that know them. Many of the stories were quite interesting, including ones about the shady affairs of foreign nobles.

Not only that, the spies are also excellent food. Although I haven’t learned anything new yet, they are useful for leveling the abilities that I already possess. As one might expect, powerful abilities have various uses.

However, realizing the dangers of being in the Royal Capital right now, the number of spies temporarily retreating to their country has increased. Although they were not given any orders to do so, their ability to perceive danger made them run away.

When I went to the Labyrinth City Purgatory for a few days, their numbers decreased more than I expected. Truthfully, I had planned to carefully reduce their numbers in secret. However, considering the current situation, I decided that I would hunt them down all at once before they all get the chance to leave.

Good grief, things aren't progressing as easily as I thought.

Having made up my mind, I hunted down 34 people once night fell and most of the people outside disappeared. I crushed several bases and gave my thanks as I collected the illegal goods that they had gathered through unlawful means. The written documents describing the magic items and circumstances of the Kingdom’s nobles were left behind, though.

A substantial amount of time and effort must have been placed in gathering goods, information, and food. With the hunt finished, it was already midnight by the time I thought about returning to the Amber Palace. Most of the Royal Capital was silent and covered in darkness.

My breath was visible as the stars were shining in the night sky. As the fresh air was cold enough to make one shiver, there were many signs that people had already fallen asleep.

Although the surrounding scenery and the civilization's technological level is completely different, I can say that it feels similar to the night I was killed by Aoi, for some reason. I wonder what's happening to her right now. I don't really harbor any anger or resentment towards Aoi even though she killed me, but I’m worried that she might have been caught by the police for murder and thrown in prison.

Well, there's no way for me to find out, so I guess it’s useless to think about it. While walking in the streets and thinking about things, someone rose up behind the scenes. Just like a ghost, they quietly stood there in the darkness.

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