Day 166

Note: The 【Tentacle Creation】 description line - the kanji for this is "【Tentacle Creation】は背中にあった触手を作る事ができ" which roughly means "tentacles like the back can be made"...or something along those lines, so I figured it was referring to the High Octorp there. ^^ (put at top so hopefully it doesn't get erased, heh) ~Caudyr

Day 166

After a long absence, the palace guards' training was restarted today, since that was the original request that we received from the Tomboy Princess.

Because they had done the training that I had decided on before we left for the Labyrinth City Purgatory without skipping out on it, they all seemed to have fewer useless movements.

However, there's one thing that's been on my mind. It seems like there's a clear difference between the group that stayed behind in the Amber Palace and those that followed the Tomboy Princess as her guards. It was only a difference of a few days, but their strength's improvement rate was obviously not the same.

The reason for this difference is not because of the change in physical abilities from leveling. Although there were certainly people whose level had increased, it was within the margin of error since at best they had only leveled once or twice.

On top of the weight and speed of their attacks being clearly different, the strength of their Combat Arts was as well. This might be clear evidence for the effectiveness of the changes I cause to my surroundings.

It's been fairly difficult to compare subjects so far since some of them have been subject to these changes from the time they were born or they didn't have an opponent that I could compare them with. That being said, since I haven't done a serious investigation on its nature yet, I decided to use various methods to study it since this was the perfect opportunity to do so.

Even though it was troublesome, I set aside whether or not the figures were truly accurate and spent a significant amount of time thinking about many things.

In the evening, we decided to use the High Octorp for today's dinner. As far as I can tell, although the time limit has been extended, the possibility of learning something from them decreases if they're left for too long, so it might be a good idea to eat them today.

Since there are four bodies available, I decided to have the first one barbecued exclusively for myself. The second one was finely cut into sashimi, while the third one was turned into tempura. The fourth one was turned into various dishes that we felt like cooking.

Although I only understood it after eating the High Octorp, there appears to be a big difference in taste depending on which part of it you eat.

Its state made it so that the octopus legs tasted like octopus, the right claw tasted like crab, the left hand tasted like a sea urchin, the tentacles on its back were sweet like something gelatinous, and the shark head tasted like shark meat.

However, I was the only one that was able to eat the shell since it was too hard. As one would expect of a boss monster, its entire body was made of first-class ingredients.

Ability learned: 【Tentacle Creation】

Ability learned: 【Lorenzini Organ】

Ability learned: 【Shell of Hard Dense Chitin】

Ability learned: 【Sharpened Shark Skin】

Ability learned: 【Improved Cutting Power】

Ability learned: 【Black Octopus Ink that Should be Avoided】

It's been a long time since I was able to learn six abilities.

  • 【Tentacle Creation】 is an ability that allows me to create tentacles that are like those on the High Octorp's back.
  • 【Lorenzini Organ】 is an ability that acts like the organ in a shark that senses electrical currents.
  • 【Shell of Hard Dense Chitin】 is an ability that can potentially reinforce the exoskeletons that I can equip with 【Equip Exoskeleton】, such as 【Red Bear Beast King's Prestige】 and 【Jade Eagle King's Flight】.
  • 【Sharpened Shark Skin】 is an ability that makes your skin rough like a shark's skin.
  • 【Improved Cutting Power】 is an ability that does exactly what it says.
  • 【Black Octopus Ink that Should be Avoided】 is an ability that, according to the information, seems to allow me to spit out octopus ink that causes negative ailments.

Since there were several strong abilities among them, I thought that it would probably be more efficient to aim my hunting towards killing boss monsters from now on.

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