Day 160

Day 160

Today we left the Royal Capital to head off for the Labyrinth City Purgatory.

The entire group consisted of Auro, Argento and the Tomboy Princess’ personal guards. We went set off using several of the skeleton carriages and we’ll then divide into dungeons that suit our current abilities.

Along with being able to obtain a variety of unique monster materials and magical items, the combat within dungeons is an efficient way of gaining experience, allowing them to gain levels far faster than on the outside.

They will be able to practice their party coordination as well. Though training and practice is important, one can only really learn more through true combat.

It’s necessary to be strict since this is important to Auro and Argento. It’s something like a lion leaving behind it’s cubs… or rather… pushing its own cubs off a cliff so they… can fly? Hem…

For the children, overcoming dangerous situations should allow them to mature faster. Since we’ll be staying in the Labyrinth City Purgatory for some time, I ordered the group to enter the dungeons and return in three days time.

After seeing the members off, I began making the necessary preparations with Kanami-chan and the Princess within the city. We began to discuss on what we should do in the future.

Meanwhile, a fair portion of meat from assassins and spies from other countries now found itself within my belly. Though, these small fries no longer satisfy as I still have my eyes on another, far greater feast. The opportunity to consume a [Hero] or even a [Great Hero] yet looms over the horizon.

Because of the circumstances, I couldn’t even attack a single [Hero] or [Great Hero] I met during the festival Tournament of Heroes. Having all of that meat held before me and not even getting to consume a single morsel was causing my urges to run wild.

However, since I managed to eat the Otherworlder, I can somehow endure it for a short while. It’s only temporary since I can only hold myself back for so long before my urges get the better of me.

I wonder if the Strong Grandson will try something soon. If that’s the case, I might even get the Tomboy Princess’ permission to eat one of the Sternbild Kingdom’s Four Symbolic Heroes.

From the bottom of my cold heart, I eagerly await the upcoming turmoil.

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