Day 159

Day 159

It seems that some nobles have been moving busily behind the scenes as of late.

Due to the Minister’s assassination, whose culprit has still yet to be determined, the Nobles Faction held a meeting to decide on their next course of action. As the result of this meeting, his grandson formally became the head of the Nobles Faction.

The coup d’état probably coming close. It’s probably a given since they’ve already begun to gather a large quantity of soldiers and volunteers who are discontent with the current Kingdom for the sake of starting a revolution.

The Minister apparently also had started spoiling his grandson after his son was slain on the battlefield several years ago during a war with a neighboring nation.

The grandson is quite the handsome man and is strong enough to have made it into the previous competition’s finals. Though, since his grandfather began to lavish and spoil him, something in his head was warped. While he’s only distantly related to the Royal Family, it seems he strongly believes he’s actually worthy of being the King.

Given that he’s actually one of the suitors for the Tomboy Princess, he does have a decent chance of taking the throne.

Due to the presence of that Snake Grandfather that had guided the Minister while he was alive, it can be said that the Strong Grandson is probably being controlled where his Grandfather was merely advised. It’s probable that the Snake Grandfather had lain the seeds for this beforehand as well.

Because the Snake Grandfather had various preparations in advance, it seems that many people from the Sternbild Kingdom, including even the Leader of the Knights and the Chief Civil Officer are under the Nobles Faction’s control.

With their preparations almost complete, there’s a high probability that they will make their move soon.

Due to the Minister’s assassination, the power of the Nobles Faction had declined some as the nobles that were on the fence, as well as those wishing to avoid assassination left the faction. Though despite all that, the group still holds a substantial level of power.

In other words, a civil war capable of splitting the Kingdom in two is likely to happen soon enough. For now I’ll be keeping tabs on just how it’ll develop.

Since it’s a given that due to the Tomboy Princess being our client, I'll be siding with the Royal Family. If all else, no matter what happens, I’ll make sure that she at the very least stays safe.

While collecting as much information as I can, I should start planning what to do from here on out.

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Mistelone's Notes

  • For the grandson of the minister, I translated Rou’s nickname of him as greater grandson since great grandson sounds odd in this case.
  • Snake old man / geezer is a literal translation. Not really sure how to improve it as I can’t think of a better word than snake for the context but he is most likely a human. Based on my understanding, the basic summary of him as that he is the man behind the man.

Caudyr's Notes

  • Looked up 大孫 (Great/Large/Big Grandson) and then looked up synonyms for "Great," and coupled with the descriptions of him as being strong enough that he could've gone far in the tournament if he'd participated, and as the head of the Nobles Faction, I decided to change his name from "Greater Grandson" to "Strong Grandson." I realize that it's not a perfectly accurate translation, but I think it might be the best way to describe him since I imagine they meant to use "Great Grandson" in the fact that he's a "great/powerful" person, and not as the Minister's grandson's son, which is what those two words mean when put together in english. ^^