Day 155

Day 155

During the morning training, Female Samurai informed me that she sensed the presence of an Otherworlder that had entered the Sternbild Kingdom.

Based on what I’ve heard, it looks like the Otherworlder has joined a group from another country located to the west and had only recently arrived. Probably in order to participate in tomorrow’s festival.

I immediately left with Female Samurai and two others for the sake of investigating the west side of the Royal Capital. We quickly encountered the Otherworlder after walking for just a short time.

Apparently, that person could also sense the presence of the Female Samurai and was searching for the location that was giving off a strong response.

The Otherworlder we encountered this time was a diminutive young man.

He was around 18 years old with short brown hair and black eyes. His skin was lightly tanned from the long journey and he seemed to be cheerful.

For protective gear, he wore a russet-colored pair of gauntlets and a breastplate which were made from the shell of a demon insect that resembled a giant ant lion called 【Deadly Grid】. It’s an insect that appears in desert areas.

He was also wearing a dark red coat made from the fur of a Manticore, a beast whose appearance was a combination of the wings of a bat, the tail of a scorpion, and the body of a lion with a human’s face.

His light armor was strong enough to stop a crossbow bolt in it’s tracks.

At his waist he wore a Tabarzin, a form of battle axe with a saddle-like axehead which had the ability to cause wounds that are quick to explode in gore.

He also carried several magical items that were relatively light and compact that could be used as striking weapons. He even had several sharp hunting knives, though these seemed like they were just spares though.

His main weapon is apparently the cannon on his back that one would think was a wooden pipe at first glance.

It was actually made from a combination of an unusually large quantity of Mithril and Damascus steel, two rare magical metals that created a flexible, wood-like appearance.

This young man was a 【Magic Gunman from Another World】, and was able to skillfully use the cannon on his back to deal with many opponents at once with his high grade firepower.

Rather than using physical ammo, it utilized his magic instead.

It looks like he isn’t able to run out of ammunition so long as he has magical power.

In addition, it seems that he can create five different bullets with different attributes.

There are apparently quite a few attributes that can be applied as well, such as:

  • A cannonball made of fire that can burn for a specific amount of time, even under water.
  • A cannonball made of ice that can even freeze magma.
  • A cannonball that can heal a companion’s injuries and recover stamina.
  • Etc...

Before he had come here, he spent a year using his abilities in a country in the far west where he gained quite a lot of renown as a high class adventurer.

Ah, something worth mentioning is that I’ve heard from Gobujii’s stories that guns do actually exist in this world.

They’re similar to a matchlock rifle in my world, but the firing range, power, and accuracy is extremely limited.

Even the Kingdom’s very own 【Sage from Another World】 faced many challenges and much frustration during the development of his first gun, and failed to improve it much more than the initial products.

As for the reason, there’s a major lack of technological capability and interest within the world to mass-produce them due to the unique laws of the world.

【Jobs】 and Magic being major factors in particular.

I’ll quickly give an explanation why this is the case.

With 【Jobs】, the body can be strengthened enough that one’s skin can actually repel a bullet and at times one can even move faster than the bullet.

Magic as well has an overwhelming power, high accuracy and a long range, making it far more useful than the guns produced thus far which are troublesome to maintain and use.

A large amount of time would be required to properly improve the gun, given that the abilities of the gun will continue to rise as long as some development continues.

Since my past life’s history depicted as much, the probability of this also being the case here is very high.

However, killing monsters in this world gives one experience, and possessing multiple jobs can make one overwhelmingly powerful.

Therefore, the basic guns in this world are quite weak and not popular weapons of choice.

There are no 【Jobs】 for normal guns, meaning there aren’t any 【Arts】 that assist with their usage.

This makes possession of guns more of an eccentric hobby for rich nobles rather than soldiers and adventurers.

Although there are very few of them, it is possible to acquire a 【Magic Gun】, which are considerably rare magical items, from the ≪Age of the Gods≫ dungeons.

The conditions to do so are unusually difficult as well.

There are a few rare jobs that can be acquired, but to unlock them, one needs to obtain a Magic Gun to do so.

The most basic example would be 【Job - Magic Gun User】 which allows one to produce magic bullets using monster materials, then altering them with their magic.

Well, with this, let’s just set this conversation to the side for now.

After observing the young man for a while, I managed to pick up at least that much information and discovered where he was staying.

Since I didn’t want to lose sight of him, I took the opportunity to attach one of my clones to him for communication purposes.

While my parasitic clones can turn people into subordinates, it’s possible for a strong enough person to reject them and weaken the clone. If that happens, it’s somewhat troublesome.

I can simplify the parasite depending on the situation and a person’s intentions, but I can’t force it when the person is strong enough.

I need to carefully carry out my plans, and since that’s the case, I need to be cautious so they aren’t exposed.

Well, I can be patient and take my time to corner him.

I’ll be more excited when I finally get to eat him that way.

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