Day 154

Day 154

Today, while we were doing our usual morning training session, the Hero of Darkness, Alrich Tin Agba, the one who had been observing us hidden on the Garnet Palace’s rooftop, asked in a dignified manner if she could be permitted to participate.

As I said before, her figure is quite thin and resembles an eerie ghost.

It was likely that she would want to start observing us at a closer distance in the future anyway, so I won’t stop her.

For now, I began considering how I got the attention of someone from within the Kingdom’s highest positions. I might be able to outwit her, but the effectiveness of such an attempt has some extreme variables, so I won’t even attempt it for now.

In the end, I reluctantly allowed Alrich to join in on the morning training session.

It was, after all, on the behest of our current employer, the Tomboy Princess, who thought that it would be quite interesting to allow her to participate.

Naturally, there was a much bigger reason hidden behind those actions, though I didn’t press on it. With that in mind, I allowed her to participate, though nothing happened in particular.

I will refer to Alrich as just the Dark Hero because her name is quite extensive and troublesome. For the remainder of the session, she simply worked hard in her training which gave me a favorable impression of her.

In the afternoon, I decided to spend my time in the Amber Palace since more applicants would likely attempt to flock towards me if I went out.

Due to the amount of meat Redhead ate during the hunt yesterday, it seems she gained quite a bit of strength.

Because of that, she wanted to test herself out through some sparring.

I decided to go ahead and allow her to do it with Auro and Argento.

While surprised by Redhead’s growth, I was not expecting the combination between Auro and Argento to have improved that much. With my blood and that of the sisters flowing in them, it seems that they share something similar to a twin’s connection. They were able to match each other’s movements perfectly without any signals.

While being happy at the growth of my children, I spent the rest of the time peacefully playing various games with them. The Princess who preferred to observe all the strings behind the scenes was intrigued by the scene.

It was quite amusing to see the Nobles Faction, who were steadily preparing their resolve and war potential while burning up all of their finances.

There were also nobles who were illegally embezzling the taxes collected from their respective territories for the purpose of acquiring precious metals and magical items. Their actions were trivial, yet effective for the sake of increasing their pockets.

If around two or three people dealt with all of them, the situation might end up drastically shifting to give us a considerable advantage. Being able to deal with an unknown threat would be nice and preferable.

In the evening, I decided to take Kanami-chan out for a date under the night’s sky for the first time in awhile.

It was a bit hard to see the stars due to the magical lights throughout the streets in the Royal Capital, though since the view of the Royal Capital itself was quite nice, I didn’t feel dissatisfied.

Ah, by the way, there’s only two days left before the festival.

Whatever the results will be, I think I will be able to enjoy myself.

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