Day 150

Day 150

Currently the main force that is opposing the Tomboy Princess is the Nobles Faction led by the Minister. Currently, this faction holds the greatest influence within the Sternbild Kingdom.

The nobles hold approximately 70% of the Sternbild Kingdom’s territory, the remaining 30% is governed by the King.

Though there are nobles that support the Royal Family and the King, there are many who belong to the Minister’s faction.

For this reason, there is discord and conflict occurring in many places and in some areas there are people dying from starvation. Though, this isn’t caused by a famine but rather as the results of over taxation and strangling the economy in certain regions.

Currently, the Sternbild Kingdom is slowly being corrupted from the inside.

Would it even be a good idea if I said something about it?

For now I decided to circulate the details that I’ve unraveled at a later date.

This morning, the corpse of Gilbert Isla Bardera, the Minister and the now former leader of the Nobles Faction was discovered.

The murder was revealed to have been caused by a new type of poison and at present there seems to be no cure available. The arrival of a new poison frightened many people, causing them to argue amongst themselves.

This is the reason why there is such a hostile atmosphere currently within the Royal Castle, making the whole environment tense. It’s unclear what the repercussions of this incident will be, but a big disturbance is likely to occur soon enough. I seriously want to take advantage of the trouble that’s coming so I can enjoy eating something delicious.

To be precise, amongst other things, I primarily have my sights set on eating 【Heroes】, 【Great Heroes】, and 【Otherworlders】.

I nearly started drooling from just imagining the taste they would have.

The old Minister had a subtle taste… I want to get rid of that bad aftertaste...

Day 149 == Day 150 == Day 151

Caudyr's Note

  • As was mentioned in the comments, since it seemed that 【Foreigner】 wasn't referring to people from other countries but likely people from other worlds (since it's ihoujin instead of gaijin)...I changed 【Foreigner】 (異邦人) to 【Otherworlder】. It might not be completely accurate, but I get the feeling that probably IS what the author (and Rou) was referring to.

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