Day 149

Day 149

It’s said that there are four main Heroes known as the Four Symbolic Heroes that exist in the Sternbild Kingdom, comprising it’s greatest military force.

Well, I’ll give a brief introduction of each:

The first Hero, the 【Hero of the Quivering Water】, Freed Acty. He’s a former farmer, a youth in his twenties. He has just your run of the mill average face with no particularly noticeable features except for his clear light blue eyes. His weapon of choice is a long sword that he wields with both hands. The blade itself is called the ≪Pale Sword of Flowing Water≫ with the name ≪Feinschubel≫.

The second Hero, the 【Hero of Darkness】 is named Alrich Tin Agba. She is a noble from the Kingdom and is in her late teens. Her hair is unkempt and a pale white color that suits her haggard face that ends up giving her the look similar to that of a sick person. Her personality is quite sadistic and is coupled with her favorite weapon being a multi-knotted whip called the ≪Ruler’s Birch≫ with the name ≪Contra Nine Tails≫.

The third Hero, the 【Hero of Iron Rock】 is the widely known Gascade Barossa Meloi, another noble from the Kingdom. He is the eldest of the human heroes at the age of 40 and is a veteran of the Kingdom’s military serving as a general. His most recognizable feature is that his head is growing bald as time progresses. His favorite Weapon is a huge hammer called the ≪Hammer of Isenbal≫.

The final Hero, the 【Hero of Fortified Wood】 so named Hoof Ain is a female elf who had given up on her hometown and has lived a great many years. Being the only demi-human hero amongst the four, she holds an eternal beauty. Suited to her race, her favorite weapons are the longbow ≪Furian’s Layered Tree Bow≫ and the poisonous blade ≪True Steel Poison Sword≫ with the name ≪Tenfu Fuura≫.

That’s the general description of those four.

Truthfully, there was a chance that Avenger might have ended up joining them and turning the group into the 【Five Symbolic Heroes】. This would most likely be due to the fact that he is also a part of the Book of Psalms.

However, those waves of destiny have long since been laid to rest.

At present, 3 of the 4 Heroes seem to be moving around the Kingdom.

One is busy challenging the Age of the Gods Dungeon and it’s creatures with some comrades.

Another happens to be subjecting a monster that is currently devastating the lands and the third is trying to overcome a difficult trial recorded within the Book of Psalms.

The fourth remained within the Royal Capital having been placed in charge of the new system for the shifting of guards within the Royal Palace.

For some reason, the Hero of Darkness, Alrich Tin Agba, the hero that stayed within the Kingdom, began stalking me yesterday.

While we were training, I noticed her observing from the rooftop of the ≪Garnet Palace≫, the one next to the Amber Palace.

Her haggard face and sickly complexion gave her quite a peculiar atmosphere… something akin to a horror film perhaps.

Even though she was watching from a distance using her abilities as a 【Hero】 to hide her presence, she was detected with 【Sense Area】.

Honestly, I don’t intend to question her intentions if she means no harm, but for right now, that’s quite difficult to do.

In the future, I should be careful to prevent the full extent of my abilities to be revealed.

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