Day 147

Day 147

A war broke out today.

Well, even if I say that, it wasn’t between the Kirika Empire and the Sternbild Kingdom but rather between two other countries.

I’m not exactly sure what will happen in the future, but since war broke out in a distant country, the Sternbild Kingdom shouldn’t be affected.

After the Tomboy Princess’ request is complete, if the war is still going on, there may just be some good money to be made over there.

I’d like to wander the world in search of things that I’ve yet to see, feel, and taste. I’m particularly interested in some seafood.

Ah, and there also appears to be a dungeon located at the bottom of the ocean. I’d enjoy giving it a shot to try and dive in some time.

After training, we played a simple card game with the Tomboy Princess using some homemade cards until it was late at night.

Kanami-chan, Redhead, Auro and Argento all seemed to have fun, so it’s fine.

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