Day 145

Day 145

Today, I decided to begin gathering up all of the palace guards and began a joint training session.

Since the Amber Palace guards were heavily supplemented with my clones, there wasn’t a problem in mobilizing them.

If there did happen to be an intruder, then I fully plan on getting to have a delicious snack in the shadows.

Joint training was done in pairs with the palace guards facing off against members of my group. The fights were brilliant, but it eventually ended in a total victory for my group. As expected, compared to the palace guards who are only human, we had various races that granted us far more adaptability.

There was a huge difference in the strength between them, so i’d say it was an inevitable outcome more or less.

Afterwards, it was decided that we would hold a banquet for everybody. The other day I had eaten a Cyclops which gave me the ability to generate them through [Lesser Summoning: Giant] so I ended up treating everyone to some Cyclops meat. Since the Cyclops meat was actually a surprising group favorite, I intend to have everyone back home have some when we return.

The Tomboy Princess had prepared some high quality alcohol for the banquet as well, and as always it was delicious. There was quite a large variety of alcohol and as I finished each drink one after another, even I began to become a bit drunk. There was even some that were as delicious as Elven wine.

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