Day 144

Day 144

We did our usual training in the morning and individual training and/or sparring in the afternoon, and most of the day ended up being spent like that.

Even though I did find myself busy moving my clones behind the scenes, I think it’s fine to enjoy a peaceful day for once while I’m here.

The Minister, the head of the Nobles Faction who wishes to remove the Tomboy Princess is likely to try something bigger soon since right now it seems that she’s gotten herself embroiled into something complicated.

Well, at least before that storm, I plan on taking things nice, quiet, and slowly.

Today’s synthesis results:

【Helmet Splitter】 + 【Heavy Axe Attack】 = 【Heavy Axe Helmet Splitter】

【Job - Light Warrior】 + 【Job - Light Swordsman】 = 【Job - Light Sword Warrior】

Day 143 == Day 144 == Day 145