Day 143

While in the middle of training, a messenger from the First Queen came again. I don’t really understand why, but I was invited to a tea party for noble women.

Honestly, in addition to the fact that I didn’t want to ever meet the Queen again, I wondered why she would think to even dare invite a non-human male like me to a party intended for noble women.

Kanami-chan was also invited, but I didn’t particularly find this as a plus factor. Not giving any real thought to the Queen’s intentions, this time I decided to prepare an explanation.

“The Princess is my employer, not the Queen. Therefore, if the Princess declines, then I’m afraid I must decline as well.”

I thought it would be easy to persuade the Tomboy Princess by baiting her into thinking I wanted to go. However, I apparently became the secret sponsor for the tea party, so I was unable to escape. With that, I attended the First Queen’s tea party with the properly dressed Kanami-chan.

I must say though, it was fine weather to hold a tea party in the Royal Castle’s garden. From what I could gather from the eyes of the women present, around 50% either hated or feared our presence, 40% were fine with us and the remainder had thoroughly been intoxicated. I expected that some would be scared, but I surely didn’t expect that almost half would actually be fine with my presence.

The intoxicated look in the eyes of the First Queen’s personal guards and some of the other ladies as they looked in my direction unnerved me though. I just gulped while the others were clearly drooling. It was … like a slaver watching it’s prey... Were those 10% the same as the Queen… just the sheer idea of it somewhat scared me…

At the very least, the tea party was normal, even though there was only brief conversation. Since there was no harm done, I decided to give up any objections and dealt with it to the end.

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