Day 141

Day 141

Early in the morning, before the sun had even begun to rise, the palace guards had long since begun shedding a lot of sweat and tears while training.

Because each of the palace guards’ talents are of a far higher quality than the normal stock, only capable men defend the palace in which the Royal Family resides.

That being said, even though I have them guarding, it doesn’t seem to be hindering the Tomboy Princess’ personal guard.

After all, seeing as how only the Boy Knight is always nearby, even if the palace guards are detained, it shouldn’t be a big issue, given the fact that they’re all experiencing very fast growth.

In any case, the growth of the Boy Knight is quite remarkable.

One of the primary factors is a change in the weapon he’s been using.

Recently, the Boy Knight has begun using a short spear rather than a sword.

When the opportunity presented itself before, I had recommended that he try using a short spear instead of a sword.

So far, in terms of stopping other weapons, I had honestly not considered immediately changing to a new weapon on the spot.

Of course, he didn’t completely give up his sword, still, he must have hesitated quite a bit on whether he should change from a weapon he’d been using for years to a totally different one.

However, as I thought, the Boy Knight’s movements have greatly improved since he changed his main weapon to a short spear.

Even though I was going easy on him during our mock battles, he was still able to graze my ear.

I have no doubt that he has more talent in handling a short spear than he does a sword.

If the boy’s handling of a short spear continues to grow, I’m secretly anticipating that when he is close to becoming a master, he may also become a key person in the [Book of Psalms].

However, supposing that that really DOES happen, he may become hostile towards us. I began to drool as I considered this, since I’m sure that such a person would be very delicious. Although I have yet to eat one, surely a key person from the [Book of Psalms] ought to be quite exquisite. I seriously want to eat one, I really do.

Cleaning up my drool, I simultaneously thought this would be quite regrettable, though. Well, let’s pray that it doesn’t happen, primarily for the sake of the boy. Nevertheless, his future is something to look forward to.

On top of that, it seems that his current growth may also be beginning to influence those around him. Lured in by the boy’s growth, both Auro and Argento were defeated by him. Since most of their training is done together, both of them appeared to be regarding him as their rival.

Since he’s also doing his best, I have high expectations for the Boy Knight. It’ll also be excellent stimulation for the growth of Auro and Argento. I think that it’s quite favorable that there actually exists someone that can help motivate them into working harder together. The bonds forged between those two will certainly help them in the future.

Basic training ended in the afternoon and I went to soak in the Amber Palace’s bath while I washed my body.

Afterwards, I considered doing some individual training for everyone, but was informed by the Tomboy Princess that she wanted us as her guard detail.

She apparently wanted to wander around the Royal Capital again.

While we were walking around, there was some more trouble, though I suppose I’ll omit most of the details given that these occurrences are quite easy to deal with.

First, I destroyed a crime syndicate that specialized in abducting children, and I also killed several spies from foreign countries in the back alleyways.

It appears that there were other countries besides the Kirika Empire that the Sternbild Kingdom is allied with.

There's the Estgrand Beast Kingdom which is governed by the [Beast King] Lionel, the Atarakua Demon Empire which is governed by the [Demon Emperor] Hyulton, the Lumen Holy Kingdom which advocates a human superiority policy, and so on and so forth.

Despite the amount of information that I obtained from the spies pertaining to bribes being given to nobles by wealthy merchants, I decided not to discuss it.

Although I defeated dozens of people, I ended up not gaining even a single ability.

Since the day was coming to an end, I returned to the Amber Palace with the Princess without any problems.

Given that tomorrow’s my day off, I will fly towards the dungeon first thing in the morning.

From there, I believe I’ll just enter it and take a good look around.

The preparations to enter the dungeon are perfect.

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