Day 140

Day 140

Today, the palace guards only had to do training in the morning since we’re going to be heading out to the palace’s surrounding town in the afternoon.

It’s been decided that we’ll go around the town with the Tomboy Princess as her guard detail. Because it’s the first time most of the group have been out on an expedition, I took this opportunity to give each of them, including Seiji-kun, the day off.

They decided to look around the Royal Capital Osvel on their own, however, I don’t know where the hand of an assassin might strike from, so I gave them instructions to stay relatively close to one another.

Just in case, I gave them each one of my clones because the clone’s combat ability is reasonably high. So in the case something happens, they should be okay, most likely at any rate.

Basically, if anyone tries to kidnap or kill them, the clone should attack the enemy immediately so it should be fine.

Back to the main issue of the Princess’ guard detail. The people from Parabellum are myself, Kanami-chan, Redhead, Auro and Argento, just these 5 people in total.

In addition, the Boy Knight and ten or so palace guards that have changed into normal clothes will be coming along as well.

This is our current group. Until now, dozens of guards have usually made up the guard detail, so this number has decreased significantly. However, well… it should be alright.

Like this, we walked around and visited several places. We didn’t just explore along the main street, but also along the side streets and the back alleyways as well. All according to the instructions of the Tomboy Princess sitting upon my shoulder.

One could get turned around very easily in the back alleyways. I observed the crime scene of a human abduction as well as crushing several assassins that I encountered. Well, given the fact that we found a well-known store, I’d say the day was well worthwhile.

Since I have a full day off in two days, I have decided when that moment comes, I will go to the Labyrinth City Purgatory for a short time.

I also hope to find some dungeon alcohol as well as some decent monsters that I haven’t encountered yet to eat them and gain some new abilities.

Yeah, I’m looking forward to it, I seriously can’t wait.

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