Day 139

Day 139

Early in the morning, just before we left, the assassins came.

While most of them were either caught or killed in the traps I set up last night, only one actually managed to get past them and make it into my bedroom. The man that invaded was wearing a mask and black cloths and had a knife that was dripping with a purple liquid.

Still drowsy, I faced the man and went to seize him when both [Intuition] and [Release Trap] set off very violent warning bells in my head.

After blinking a few times, I noticed the reason why I was getting these warnings. Apparently, something quite similar to a bomb had been buried inside of his body. What had saved us is that it seems that the bomb will not activate from a distance.

Well, this is certainly annoying…

For the time being, I couldn’t kill him because the others would have gotten caught up in his suicide attack, I’m fine with taking a bit of damage, I’ll just heal instantly, but I’m not willing to put the others in harms way needlessly.

In the end, I just used [Parasite] and forcibly made him into my slave.

Although it was my intention to immobilize him and withdraw information with my finger, it seems that their free will and memories had been intentionally wiped clean. Most likely by using either magic or a specific magical item to manipulate their minds.

The rest of the men who were captured were in the same state, assassins that were more or less just meat puppets. I couldn’t even give them orders, they were just empty shells.

I was able to take away their physical freedom by using my parasitic clones to make them into my slaves, but their minds were broken from the beginning and I don’t have any reason to try and restore them. It’s no use, so I’ll just have to give up on trying to draw out any real information from these doll-like would-be assassins.

I inserted a clone into their bodies and removed the magical item near their hearts. In doing so, the assassin’s chest burst open from the inside, that part couldn’t be helped though.

The bodies of the assassins were eaten in their entirety and while I was at it, I also ate the magic item’s explosive device as well.

Ability learned: [Burst]

Ability learned: [Human Bomb]

Although there was no way to trace their equipment back to the person who sent them, since I took the assassin’s gear, I did secure a small amount of profit.

After eating them, I gave the Princess my report. She responded to it with,

“I see, if that’s the case, we must find the culprits immediately. It’ll be a good way to vent today’s anger and dissatisfaction when we find them.”

Well, I thought that the Princess would be able to determine the culprit immediately, but I guess not. Afterwards, since I have grasped the general strength and general habits of the palace guards, I had them separate into groups and do basic training in shifts.

From this point on, I intend to strengthen each section a great deal.

Day 138 == Day 139 == Day 140

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