Day 138

Day 138

I entrusted today’s training to Kanami-chan since today I am rather forcefully being taken by the Tomboy Princess to meet with her father, the King.

The meeting, with the exception of us, was full of many nobles voicing their complaints, many of which were being rather overly exaggerated. I’ll leave out a majority of the lengthy conversation, but it seems that the Sternbild Kingdom has recognized us as the Princess’ private soldiers. Since we’re mercenaries, once we finish our job and collect the reward, we’d be free to join the opposing faction.

However, it seems that the Princess has, in some way, spread that we have been recognized as her private army. When I carried her into the meeting on my shoulder, she acted as if she was connected to it.

To the Sternbild Kingdom, we’re already part of the faction that protects the Princess, so it seems very unlikely that we’d be hired by someone else. Considering the hostile glares that they were giving us, I’m guessing that the Nobles Faction, centered around the Minister, is most likely the opposing faction.

Well, so long as we’re paid, it’s not a particularly big issue, however, I can’t make light of the fact that our opportunity to escape was cut off.

With an adorable expression, the Princess conducted her business like royalty would. Well, since I’m also using the Princess in various ways, I guess this is  fair trade-off of sorts.

I let out a small sigh. For the time being, it seems that the Tomboy Princess’ private army has caused the higher ups of the Sternbild Kingdom to be cautious. It also seems likely that people who fear the power that she possesses will try to assassinate her.

Taking this into consideration, I decided to set up some traps in order to stop any assassination attempts that were going to take place in the Amber Palace that we’re staying at. There’s no problem if they only target me, but I will never tolerate them going after Auro and the others.

In the evening, given that my shoulders were stiff by the end of the meeting, I received a massage from Kanami-chan after we entered the bath. The way her beautiful hands moved was… fascinating.

In any case, by the end of the day, I was pretty tired, so it was a good chance to relax and… let off some steam.

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