Day 137

Day 137

This morning, I began the training of the third group of palace guards. Unfortunately… it was raining today.

The condition of the training grounds was horrible, the ground, which had absorbed a large quantity of water had become very muddy and thus very slippery. This made it difficult to keep your footing and move around in. Most of all, our clothes became filthy.

A high percentage of the Amber Palace’s guards that were women voiced a desire to cancel the training session, however, I encouraged them to continue regardless. Their objections were thoroughly silenced with hard training and forced effort.

Moreover, with their bodies exhausted, the meal they had afterwards tasted was even more delicious. Maybe I should continue this carrot and stick policy to encourage more effort.

For now though, I think it’s important for them to be able to fight even if the weather’s bad, it’s something that you cannot control.

When the time comes to defend the [Royal Family], you don’t get to choose the weather.

Although I don’t think I want to do this everyday, it’s a good idea to mix it up every once in awhile. I’ll try to keep this in mind.

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