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Day 136 need editing

When I trained the guards second group today, mother of tomboy princess to place me before noon - that messenger of first queen came. The first queen, is a religion deviation of queen-like example. 
Expected to come in contact in some way during the stay, and there was a conviction, rather than, It is not want involved cumbersome and honest too's a actually come and cumbersome. 
Did not go to why you refuse the invitation of Queen like at present be said. 

It was supposed to be invited to lunch first queen reluctantly. 

I gotta you to diet along with the queen was called as a matter of course, partners Kana-bi was entrained because it was that of a good to bring one person-chan, then of tomboy princess who brought pull the boy, by the total number four people is there. 
Around said that there are many guards and maid us, but it is now to place. 

Lunch Queen-like class "  "Were made in a clean garden inside. 

The beautiful eyes of the owner, such as the shining long hair and golden on the same Silver and tomboy princess, white skin feel sickly than beauty beauty, for lunch the queen organized by the appearance, such as, volume of plenty that was a smash meat dishes, not that, it's snack of bread and vegetables center.Although unsatisfactory as I want large amount of eating meat than bread and vegetables, or Kana-bi chan oh well so was happy. 
Only not personally have enough amount, because that delicious, not necessarily bad cuisine, dissatisfaction with Kamikoroshi gently. 

So it's the queen, but did not feel bad when talking. 
Because, I mean respect, or rather revered, rather than negative emotions, it really  It is because it was attitude, such as the believers that was before the Mel person. 

Consider trying Yadoso the power of his own God in seen in that it Kurau meat kill me, and tries to Kiyomeyo only Take a fresh blood in the whole body, Kyoko the bone material to build his own ornaments, such as is likely to it is not in the.

Actually do such a thing, such a thing think the fellows also but he was wary because I had been taught in advance and are, it seems apparently queen worship even met the car possession, respect, closure act like that . 
While peace of mind hot, it was decided to try variously explore other also. 

If Mire finished, I wonder not was a quite meaningful dinner. 
The first image collapse that I had been holding for the queen-like, it may be willing to become the Yoki acquaintance if we deepen the friendship. The backing, is probably even preferred person. 

The moment you've thought such as there was me also. 

Because, after I we were back to amber temple after finishing yesterday's lunch, I will look at the crucial events that would think that I do not want involved with queen-like, to the minute body over which it has been placed in the platinum Miya because had. 

So grouping what happened simple and as follows. 

After I we got home, remaining spent tableware is because he was of course meal. Of course, spent a of it and put away because, clean washed, it would be common to prepare for when you want to use then. 
But, however, a knife and fork that I have used this time, Erika's Mother was Kiki, No, is was not O~tsu licking a carefully carefully carefully dirt in woman who was ecstatic to make bleeding the lust expression. 
Anyway if only figure that gives off a noble beauty is indescribable charm with white skin and hair shining in Silver and Eye golden, figure that I have been happily and licking the dishes that use is and how a Monoka . 
And guard our platinum temple, which is composed of only about women being around queen-like, genuinely envious to figure that staring at the Queen-like heck what things whether the. 
And why, Rim To clean and dishes is as if they were decorated in luxurious box only to encased with queen-like bedroom. 
I want to question the various. I want to question, but want to approach the honesty another queen-like was not. 
Of my common sense Toka various a lightly transcendence to accidentally have queen-like story as to end haircut here, etc., for the time being, it was decided try not aggressively though the queen-like. 

To shake off the scene you've seen the afternoon, were concentrated in the training of the team members who.

Day 137 need editing

Training day guards third group today. And he wanted was, but it was a rain of unfortunately. Condition of training grounds in the worst, it's messy of mush. The Doro-ka scaffold sucking a large amount of water is difficult to move, and slippery. And above all the dirty clothes. 
Ratio of women from guard our high amber Miya cried is canceled training, but I had of course allowed to proceed. 

Boo, etc. was silence forced by hard training, but abuse the flesh then the rice has become the nature and carrot and stick because it was delicious, should I, I'm sure. 
Anyway, I think it's important to to fight even during bad weather. 
Although not think I want to do every day, but mon good also different taste to even. Let us as a. 

Day 138 need editing

Training is left to the Kana-bi chan, father of tomboy princess by being brought to Single tomboy princess - clogging was an audience with the king. Between the audience and many What with what Yara minister other than ours, or say or rather troublesome exaggerated, there was variety. 
Majority because story is longer will be omitted, but I our recognition in the kingdom that it seems like the fact that private armies, of tomboy princess. 
Once in ours is mercenary, but he can also be attached to the enemy camp, which has been fighting to the brink after I got the reward after work, he apparently as tomboy princess had spread that kind of recognition to Arekore. 

When you piggyback at the time of the welcome also seems was part of such efforts, not already tomboy princess or likely to me is only about faction hired to defend a tomboy princess, in the kingdom. From the aristocratic faction of the Minister center would be hostile factions it is possible to Judging from the fact that had been directed gaze that hostility. 

Well, separately for it, but not a big deal if the pays the money problem, and come in advance blocking the escape route, quite why reckoned. 
By cute face, tomboy princess seems that are doing that do Rashiku royal family. 
Because I also he has been using the tomboy princess, give-and-take, it would be called. 

Fu, and small with a sigh. 
Anyway, in the private armies of tomboy princess being vigilant is the upper part of the kingdom, and is targeted from those who fear that the tomboy princess has the power, because seems that most have been assassinated, I our amber Palace is The Ichi-kaku you have stayed was in that. We're going to stretched the Arekore trap so as not been assassinated. 
It is not still a problem if from being targeted is I only, but it is not a mono accumulated and Oro who are targeted. 

Since the audience is after the end of the shoulder was stiff, and were asked to massage to Kana-bi chan while take a bath at night. 
Awfully or chauffeur say what I mean and glossy, the last tired anyway had accumulated many of the day to let me and settle so was able to refresh. 

Day 139 need editing

Still early morning, not out positive also, immediately assassin came. Most arrested in the trap that was set up within the last night, or is killing was, guy had only one person that has been invaded up to me our bedroom is run through it. And was invading the Man in the Iron Mask equipped with a knife dripping with liquids of black robe and purple, I have [trap release] is when you confront with less drowsiness and [intuition] began to ring the alarm bell violently. 
results Why was it whether number instantaneous observation happens, apparently things are embedded, such as the bomb in the body. Although salvation Speaking only salvation is not a thing that can be remotely operated. 

What this really annoying. 

Because that would be suicide to involving around if you kill the time being, you can [parasitic] is not a minute body [enslavement]. Although in my intention was trying to withdraw the information from then stuck one finger, seems to have been erased the memory and free will apparently depending on whether the magic items or magic mental operation system. 
It guys the same as that could be other arrest, assassin who was like a meat puppet. 
Can only instructions have been street, it was a hollow doll. 
The minute body is infested it [slavery of] the freedom of the body by which it has been Steal, is not a time of the a little place to recover the spirit is broken from the beginning. 
Since no way this give up that you pull out the information from the "doll / assassin" who, excised the magic items that are embedded in the vicinity of the heart using the internal of minute body. 
Flew burst that time assassin of chest is from the inside, but it can not be helped. 
Gnaw round the assassin our corpse from Boribori and head. Incidentally explosion system magic items also I chewed and skinny. 

[  [  Learning completion of]] 
[  Learning the completion of the [human bomb]] 

no one is likely to goods Waridase a ringleader from the peeled assassin our equipment class, but profit since obtained some magic items mono. 
After the meal, the time being it is reported to the tomboy princess. 
Then, it "Hmm, if I than criminal indexing immediately. Today's frustration and anger, it was said that the'll good but diverge when ". 
Well, while I think that it would Waridaseru immediately if tomboy princess. 

Today around one ways to guard our training, which has been doing, separated for each group, since such approximate strength and habit was able to grasp, I think that it let's extend the good part of each future. 

Day 140 need editing

Today is performed only guard our training morning, it was decided to go around the city as escort role of tomboy princess to go out to castle town, say from the afternoon. To give a vacation since the expedition first experience of sets such as political-kun was just a good opportunity, we decided to make rotate to look freely Imperial City. Since I do not know somewhere hands of assassins extending from said, is instructed to act to some extent solidified. 
And to have not once have a minute body, it would be okay because each of combat capability also decent. Kit. 
After temporarily kidnapped or killed or, okay because enemy will Uteru immediately. 

So it's escort of tomboy princess of the main subject, but Kana-bi chan and red hair short and I from Parabellum, then in five people of Oro and Argento, others to lineup guards who were dressed in boy and plainclothes knight dozen, such as ringing is. 
Number because apparently had been escorted by dozens unit until now are quite reduced, but, well, it would be okay. The thing, to go around Burari Burarito walk that. 
Main street not only, alley and I was or search according to the instructions of the piggyback the tomboy princess. 
Or is entangled in a fool in the alley, you can witness the crime scene of Sarai person, there were various and or crushing hit the assassin, you would say it was a meaningful day since Well able to discover the Yara well-established store. 

Since the perfect vacation is waiting for two days later, To the time Choi a single demon, let's say you go to the labyrinth city. 
And Labyrinth of sake, I think that raise against it no monster that was still met.
Oh, it's fun. Really, it is fun. 

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