Day 135

Day 135

As was decided yesterday, given that the Tomboy Princess's request this time was for me to act as the training instructor for the Amber Palace’s guards, I began training with the palace guards quite early in the morning.

However, because it would not be a good idea for me to gather all of the palace guards at once for training, I decided it to be best to split them up into several groups instead.

It seems that the Princess has reserved the Amber Palace’s training grounds for us, so I took the initiative and began giving the first group their basic training there. I decided to corner them until they reached their limit while also dishing out a substantial level of verbal abuse to the extent of making myself sound as if I was a sergeant.

Thus, in the evening, with all 30 members of the 1st group of palace guards completely worn out and beaten, I had Seiji-kun treat them.

In the beginning, it seemed some of the palace guards weren’t intent on taking this seriously. It seems these pitiable palace guards had some complaints.

Later on for the members of the group that could still move despite their fatigue, I held my standard sparring sessions which seemed to put an end to the complaints. Really, I want more out of these palace guards and to force them to do their best since they were hand picked to protect the Princess.

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