Day 134

Day 134

We left the Labyrinth City Purgatory early in the morning and safely arrived at the Royal Capital Osvel just before noon.

The liveliness of the city hadn’t changed since the last time we were here.

The streets were packed with people and there were brick houses every which way you looked.

Carriages coming and going across the stone pavement which covered the surface of every street.

On the main street, various shops lined the street with just as many stalls and merchants going every which way.

Voices in high spirits fluttered in the air as goods and money exchanged hands rapidly.

Then we noticed that we had near countless eyes concentrated on us, a mixed gaze of both fear and inquisitiveness.

Adventurers diverted the crowd that was watching us while a great number of the spies from the Sternbild Kingdom and other countries were observing us from the shadows.

Despite the fact that it was shining with prosperity, there were also darker feelings swirling about, the Royal Capital certainly hadn’t changed.

Then again, it would be abnormal if it HAD changed within the short span of time since our last time here.

Just like when we were previously here, as we crossed into the section of the city that the Royal Palace resides in, we received an even greater scale of attention than before.

Like this, we safely arrived before the gates of the Amber Palace.

Before the gates stood Boy Knight with the Princess, escorted with numerous female palace guards accompanying her.

She donned her usual carefree smile that was quite appropriate for her age.

Even though I reported our arrival through the communication cuff beforehand, normally you wouldn’t think that a Princess would come out to greet her guest personally.

That being the case, although it can’t be helped, I may have been a considerably bad influence on the Princess as common sense doesn’t seem to apply to her in the least.

Our reunion began with a quick exchange of greetings.

Afterwards, the Tomboy Princess immediately declared to me, with some feeling, “Don’t move, for just a short while, you have to become a giant tree, I’m climbing up.”

I simply responded to this by saying, “Watch your step”.

After which she stood at my feet and began to climb up my body.

Seeing as how she was already wearing clothes that were easy to move around in, it seems that she intended to do this from the very beginning.

In addition to being amazed, I also let out a sigh of relief. It reminded me of a time when my niece came to play, and I eventually stopped shaking her off of me.

Sometimes, the Princess seemed like she was about to slide off, so I gave her a little assistance.

As the Princess safely reached my shoulder, she exclaimed,


With a triumphant look on her face, and then began to survey her surroundings. Thinking she was satisfied, I considered lowering her back down. However, I instantly gave up on that notion since the Princess would obviously refuse. It was in this way that we set foot in the Amber Palace with the Princess astride upon my shoulder.

The Amber Palace hadn’t changed and those seeing it for the first time were distracted by its elegance.

Seiji-kun had a particularly large reaction seeing it as he seemed to have been left speechless. After a clap of the hands, they seemed to more or less return to their senses with a small jump and we began to work. For the time being, we unloaded our luggage from the carriage and brought it into the rooms we will be staying in.

After quickly deciding who will be in which room, we gave a very quick self-introduction.

During this time, the Princess was most surprised when Auro and Argento were introduced.

Regrettably, it’s because she’s still a baby, Nicola stayed at home with Alchemist-san.

Oniwaka became emotionally attached to Minokichi-kun so he didn’t stay with my group...

Auro and Argento wanted to come along with me though.

Due to the specific traits of their race, their bodies have already grown quite big. Although I say that, it seems that their growth speed cannot be compared to the normal members of their race.

Still, the Princess, who had held those two in her arms as newborns, held her mouth open in surprise as the fact that they had already grown so much in such a short period of time. Considering that it’s usually the Tomboy Princess herself that is surprising people, it seemed quite unusual for her to be caught off guard and surprised instead.

Although the Boy Knight and other Royal Guards were also surprised, they looked on with calm smiles.

Then, for today’s evening meal, the Princess held a grand banquet for us.

I was treated to various types of alcohol which I drank in a great quantity.

Although the majority of them were not as good as Elven wine, it was still all high class alcohol and I was thoroughly satisfied with all of them.

As expected of the Royal Family, among what was served, the alcohol found in dungeons was especially delicious.

I have completely decided at this point that I will enter a dungeon alone at some point soon in search of both alcohol and a dragon.

Fortunately, since the Royal Capital is within an hour’s flying distance of the Labyrinth City Purgatory, I think I will be able to get a day off eventually.

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