Day 133

Day 133

After the events that had transpired yesterday, we quickly made our way through Shirisuka Forest before finally arriving at Mason Village.

We finally arrived at Mason Village at around three in the afternoon.

Although we could have easily continued on without shopping, the women, led by Kanami-chan and Redhead, convinced me to stay overnight.

What can I say… I was bribed... thoroughly…

At any rate, the hot springs here are said to have a rejuvenating effect on one’s skin and many of the women in the group were exceptionally happy as a result.

As expected, there was still plenty of time and we were far ahead of schedule, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

There was also a considerable support from the male members of the group to stay the night as well.

I discovered them suspended from trees using ropes in the morning, the reason for their situation was so obvious there is absolutely no reason to investigate it any further.

Personally, I didn’t mind staying either since the effects of Mason Village's hot springs were far different from those at our base and left us fully refreshed and invigorated.

To say nothing of the hot springs themselves, the worker’s posture, attitude and other aspects of serving their guests is very useful information and can honestly be used as a reference point for our own springs at a later date.

Some of this could immediately be put into use at our hot springs… so maybe I should send word to do that later…

It might be good to consider new ideas from time to time.

Having said that, should I also have the leprechauns make Japanese-style clothing next? ... The image of Kanami-chan and the rest of the girls in Kimonos…. I’ll have to consider this idea further…

Well, as usual, I awoke quite early in the morning, through this time it was for the purpose of slow-boiling the eggs that the Big Coccos laid in the hot springs, of which everyone ate together.

After breakfast, we did some light training, after which, I once more entered the hot spring to cleanse myself of my sweat and fatigue. Enjoying the hot springs as I moved around, I came upon a large waterfall, another one of the famous sights of the village.

I relaxed for awhile in front of the large waterfall and although it remained unchanged itself, the point where the cool water met with the water of the hot springs caused mist to rise up.

This caused the surrounding temperature to rapidly fall, which is quite nice for cooling an overheating body.

Moreover, deep within the springs, I sensed the presence of an incredibly powerful creature, most likely a species of dragon, that is probably considered the guardian deity of this region that I had been told of when we had first visited the village.

When we came here before, I was a great Ogre, so there was, at best, an incredibly low chance of victory.

However, considering the fact that i’m now an Apostle Lord, the chances of my victory is probably much higher now.

I do really enjoy Mason village though.

The hot springs are great and the welcoming disposition of the residents is nice.

If I were to fight this dragon, then i’m sure that Mason Village would be destroyed in the fallout of the battle.

Even if I did manage to defeat it, i’m sure the surrounding area would be changed dramatically from the battle.

Naturally though, I really do want to see the dragon…

However, I suppressed this desire as it’s probably best for me not to encounter it and be tempted to do something i’ll regret.

It’s also probably a good idea to wait for a good chance to see one, since i’m sure it would be easy to encounter one if I entered a dungeon, it’s probably necessary for me to challenge one at some point.

Thinking this, I turned my back on the waterfall and began heading back towards Mason Village.

When I did so, I sensed a powerful presence looking at me from behind, though I disregarded it and continued to return to the village.

We left Mason Village at around eleven in the morning.

After crossing the Cluster Mountains where Auro and Argento were born, we arrived at the Labyrinth City Purgatory in the later part of the evening.

We decided to stay in Purgatory for the night since we need to prepare for our arrival at the Royal Capital Osvel tomorrow.

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