Day 132

Day 132

Today, we ended up continuing to ride in the carriages on the highway.

We ended up reaching the Fortress City of Trient at around 10am. As it stands, we had no outstanding issues entering Trient.

Since I had the opportunity to do so, I paid a visit to the gambling loving deputy manager of the farming company.

While there, I inquired about the market prices for buying and selling monster materials.

We departed from the town in less than an hour since we were trying to get to our destination without getting too sidetracked.

After that, we traveled down the highway at a fairly leisurely pace for some time, since we were good on time, we stopped in an area that the Big Cocco resided in order to acquire some lunch.

The raw meat from the Big Cocco was similar to that of a large chicken. When you cook them, their juices overflow into your mouth, the meat is tender and delicious. As you take bites of the meat, it just makes you long for some rice to eat with it.

This barbecue is simply amazing though it’s a bit regrettable we didn’t have any salt to add into it though.

Then Redhead informed me that once a day at 2am the Big Coccos seem to lay three eggs.

If a person has the skill to control the Big Cocco, effectively a monster to note, they make good domestic animals.

Since there was some room in our carriages this time around, I decided to turn four big and plump ones into familiars to bring along with us.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow morning. Should I make omelettes or fried eggs to eat?

In this way, we became involved with some armed men while we were eating our peaceful lunch. Two of the approaching men were rather obese. Their armor seemed like it wasn’t made for combat since there wasn’t a single scratch and it shined pointlessly.

The other one seemed abnormally thin and had a monk’s robe made of silver thread and a wand with a gem centered in on it.

The other young man seemed like he was equipped to be a knight, though he was fairly solidly built and did seem to actually be suitable for fighting, his armor was pointlessly decorated.

Their group led by these four people totaled 34 people.

Other than the four people leading who were probably from nobility, the rest of them seemed to have equipment for actual combat.

They seemed to have equipment that had been used for many years while the four’s equipment was practically new.

However, there seemed to be some peasantry mixed in among the 30 people. There was an old man with a long beard holding a lance as well.

Several middle-aged men were wearing bulky armor and wielding a large sword.

They seemed to have considerable skill since I could smell a large quantity of blood that was clinging to their bodies.

I’m sure they had killed a few dozen people at the very least given the quantity of blood upon their person.

Although some of the people stimulated my appetite and seemed worth me eating them. I quietly suppressed it and decided to observe the situation for awhile as I noticed that some of their group were people that I, in my ever growing lust for information, could infect with my parasites and brainwash.

A few minutes passed and now it seems like the reason they picked a fight with us was because two of the six beautiful women from Kanami-chan and Ramura-san, appeared to have stimulated the senses of the four nobles.

Of the four nobles, it seems that one of them is a noble’s son that used his membership in the ≪Antegra Lance≫ sword training school to make connections.

Since going out to hunt for monsters is a common occurrence, it seems they employ private soldiers and often act in various ways.

A summary of what they said to me was, “Hand over the women to us.”

It wasn’t just those two, they also included Redhead and Wind Lord-san into their demands.

Although the four nobles’ purpose seemed to be only Kanami-chan and Ramura-san, it’s likely they planned to give the rest of the girls to their subordinates to… use.

The depressing truth is that this is the very typical attitude of the hopeless nobility of humanity.

If it’s true that the nobles of this world have received a high level of education, then why do they always end up doing the same exact thing with their power and authority?

While I let out a disgusted sigh, the men encircled us, making it hard for us to get away.

There wasn’t a single hint of hesitation in their movement, though, there wasn’t any fighting spirit in their actions either. It was obvious that they were experienced with these specific movements. It seems that up until now, they have been taking various positions to finish their encirclement.

They drew their weapons as they began dawning their expressive and vulgar smiles that resembled their very obvious sadistic hearts. They’ve sunken just about as low as the depraved depths of greed and lust can take humans.

From the looks, they’ve probably sunken most of their money into buying new magical items for more or less the entire group. Taking that into account, as well as the fact that they’ve surrounded us, if it were a normal group of sub-humans fighting against these humans, it would certainly become very difficult to overcome this situation.

Moreover, they have not only superior numbers, they also have the geographical and positional advantages.

In the first place, the nobles of this world and myself both have the 【Lineage】 system, which I had acquired and was able to comprehend thanks to my abilities.

This easily makes me stronger than your average person. If a peasant and a noble have the same job, then at the same level, the noble will have an edge over them.

Just because of that, upon observing the location of where the four nobles were at, the thin boy, without a doubt possesses 【Job - Wizard】.

Of the four leaders, based on his appearance, the young man with the Knight-like equipment most likely holds 【Job - Knight】.

Although the equipment was uselessly flashy and excessive, they seemed to be strong enough to fight with.

It seems that referring to the two remaining people with obese figures as common soldiers matches them well, although since they are equipped with high priced magical items, calling them commanding officers would probably be more suitable.

…Hmmmm… Now then, what should I do? Should I choose to attack them, should I let the others kill them, or do I do it alone Decisions decisions. While I was considering this, they obviously got impatient and raised their hands to signal their men to attack us. One of the obese guys gave one of his subordinates with his chin, with the subordinate next to me complying.

As he reached Kanami-chan who had been closest to him, he extended his hand.

When his finger came into contact with her shoulder though… In an instant, the head of the subordinate that had touched her shoulder flew high into the sky.

For a brief moment, fresh blood gushed out from the neck where the head was cut off before gravity took over and the body collapsed.

Because I was right next to her, both Kanami-chan and myself had our bodies thoroughly soaked by the blood rain.... The meal topped off with a small sampling of human blood gave off a somewhat complicated taste...

Well, delicious is delicious, but it’s a bit of a negative that the blood of the underling was unpleasant. The syrupy blood indicated that he probably lived a very unhealthy lifestyle in various ways.

What’s this guy thinking to make others uncomfortable even after his death.

Ah… By the way, after the first victim appeared, Kanami-chan had already started losing control and started to act violently. Considering the violent state that she’s already in, I somewhat want to stop her already… Would you say that these feelings she has surpasses normal rage…?

Kanami-chan’s excessive fury had caused her to become expressionless and was moving at high speeds while swinging her claymore. The human bodies that met with her blade were ripped apart like they were paper. The human bodies, made of soft flesh, was easily torn apart and scattered by her continuous and destructive strikes.

With the mass production of flesh and a unending sea of blood, she brought forth ice spikes from the void which froze the flesh and blood to form a mountain of corpses. Then, only slightly ahead of the overwhelming slaughter, a veteran soldier turned to counterattack.

However, because of the 【Vampire Noble - Variant】 possesses the very powerful 【Eyes of Bewitchment】, which automatically kicks in when she removes her glasses, he nearly instantly yielded before her.

With her this angry, the power of Kanami-chan’s eyes were far too strong, there were few who could even resist.

There were even two people who could resist Kanami-chan’s gaze, however, she was able to crush them by surrounding them with her captivated prisoners.

This was essentially bullying. It wasn't a fight...the battle was on the level of a slaughter.

However, since annihilating them would cause the loss of valuable raw materials, I embraced Kanami-chan from behind, snapping her back to reality.

She won’t stop easily if I don’t do something of this caliber to embarrass her, but considering her personality, it really can’t be helped.

After that, in addition to the four people who had either parts or their entire limbs forcibly torn off, such as their hands and feet, that had passed out in agony, I surveyed the survivors as I brutally gathered them up in one place.

While I gave them medical treatment with my 【Blood Elixir】, I also decided to use my parasitic clones on all of them.

Nobles are typically more delicious than ordinary people. This is something that I have learned from many experiences and now, four of them are before my eyes. They are a bit young, but I may get something out of them nonetheless.

However, I refrained from eating these four for now.

They have already been allowed to return as spies, since they are my slaves sent to collect information. The reason I didn't eat these them is that I came to the conclusion that there are various benefits to be had by letting them leave alive.

One way or another, the more sources of information, the better. Information concerning the organization ≪Antegra Lance≫, such as departure place of corrupt nobles to be killed will become easy to obtain, or at least easier. Besides, when I think about the assets that these four people’s families possess, it would be a waste to simply eat them now.

Having said that, the four were turned into my slaves with my parasitic clones. I turned towards them and smiled, causing them to turn pale. Moreover, as I passed them, they turned white as a sheet and fainted.


Was it a bad idea to eat the corpses in front of them I wonder?

After placing the parasitic clones into the backs of all of the surviving members, we left and continued to advance along our route. It’s troublesome to take it now. At some point we may come across others.

When that happens, I may decide whether to eat them or keep them as my slaves.

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