Day 121: Rusty Iron Knight PPV 2

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Day 121: Rusty Iron Knight's POV

Grandmaster we came back yesterday.
And today, you are trained to collect the combat personnel.
It is unclear what principle, until now have head (provisional) is responsible for all of the training, now is in charge of head (real) is.
Probably would not know what I have to say. It's okay, do not know I also.

Anyway, head (real) was the main the members who have joined the time of absence, Grandmaster (real) is now training to be a partner, just unilaterally went over.

For example, people were rushed by using a thick tough limbs Ryoma has been flung. Bureau of fairly heavy should, however lightly My in the air, was stunned been stepped on the abdomen.
For example, a monkey who called Terutorin took behind the leader by fast-moving that use the long tail, either the pincer of tail and Gowan just was not given the damage also crowded hit in the torso, was stunned and blown off in an instant is something .
For example, hard of mantis type that was protected by exoskeleton instep 蟲人 (female) was silence in the palm hitting one that was driven into the abdomen. By the impact that exceeds the allowable amount of shock-absorbing skin on the inside of the exoskeleton, it seems to have damaged from the inside.

I thought to watch, but this is not in training.
It is a violence for engrave the order to the body, just was a simple task.

Members will launch the attack. Grandmaster is to surrender to fielding it.
Probably wonder dont have passed even one hour even if opponent everyone.
Toka average nine seconds to defeat one person, it's such a level.

Sigh only come out.
Fu, and by discharging one, I saw the two people are fighting in a little away for a change.

One person is a boss from the Imperial Army, Mr. Steel claw back, which is also called Rusty Iron Knight from head.
Another person is a disciple of steel, Ruberia Wall line Miss, which is also called Redhead from leader.

Both use the Habiki have not been prey, it's pretty intense battle that fall dance of spark, but it is still normal combat.
And I think is probably because my sense is paralyzed.
Both of movement is also very fast. If my opponent is, it is probably immediately killed.
I understand those of Mr. Steele. It was Anna felt from a previous, recently it has become increasingly more strength in that it got a new [profession].
It's I, who Ruberia Miss do not know the meaning. Now that we came back and before going outside, too difference is clearly level.
Raised levels gained simply experience, it is not a dimension of. Prior to but have lost unsatisfying to overwhelming competence difference, now you are Wataria~tsu,
It is losing ground in the whole of the flow, but decisive is not gotten as one. By outstanding defense skills, and is keeping the last minute at the last minute.
Like how to move to it of wild beasts, he who fights hard to predict.

I wonder if there was what the heck.
No, cause I know.

I headed. It has been decided to head.
Nante factors that rapid growth in a short period of time Anna, can not be considered other than leader.

Also I have Say What, in fact recently, or was during the growing visibly.
And it's not just me. Other guys he also. Come here, now move the body the more not considered up to now.
Slimy move. I move agility. I would move to the street of intention.

Previous enemy attacks seem slower than (but with some exceptions).
His attack is faster heavier (I ran out the stone in the original).
It is possible to subdue the monster without using any combat maneuver (combat maneuver reliance is taboo).
Level also becomes easy to raise (but without conclusive evidence in feeling only).

Really, I wonder I to what is happening. I do not know. I do not know, but I'm sure that because of the leader.
Yeah, blame the leader.

For now, I will return to training for your stature. Collapse and you are too look at the top. Heart is crushed rather than the body. But, someday I'll catch up. And put such mettle, I was sprinkled with colleagues and sword that was confronting. If training is finished, ~Tsu !! the long-awaited hot spring is waiting for ours