Day 121: Rusty Iron Knight PPV 1

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Day 121: Rusty Iron Knight's Point of View

Silver of Issen is, Steel clawback was face down on the ground low in operations such as the four-legged beast - from apo Akira man that is called Rusty Iron Knight - I passed through the overhead. At that time escaped delayed several have hair, dancing in the air by being cut in silvery white Issen.
the assumed to more sword-speed had been, Steele back is to realize going wet and damp with sweat.
And yet, Steele is the float a small smile.
It is also not in such awkward smile that caught pulling to fear, was the smile like beast, and you have to bare fangs like when have a thing like love.
The smile is a man named Steel clawback is owner of violent temper that essentially prefer the fight, had told eloquently the fact that.
When would be the first time to meet human example, it must be able to understand at once if you look at the this smile.

Such a man is, there was no should not smile on the person you made me glimpse the force beyond his own expectations.

Force to overflowing in extremities, will become stronger. Like the beast, I exert the strength that firm.

(Interesting ~E)

Nisin I spill the thought. By changing the hot Tagiru excitement in words, Steele was holding a more intensely burning such illusion.

Tagiru blood is accelerated, feeling like thinking to overheat - euphoria than intercourse.
Roar of something living in the genuinely of steel and eat the flesh and blood to defeat before the enemy's eyes - auditory hallucinations heard only in steel.
Whole body to send blood forcefully beating heart of sound - calls for a battle sounds from inside.

To quietly slowly, steel will continue to the Kibatsume that hidden in bare. Nature of war beast suffered human skin is breaking the skin I will get away in the table.

Nature is completely dragged out in one step away - at the timing as to interfere with it, sounded a somewhat frustrating voice from overhead towards the steel that was face down on the ground.
Voice was a woman of mono. It also young woman, was mono of the person you are confronted with Steele.
And removed between the beast that was trying to Koyo out also now comes out to remember the kind of sense to Futene deep inside the body, miasma is exit from steel.

"Oh Mo~tsu, and etc. What does not hit in this - ~Tsu"

Bitches that was ejected involuntarily woman, Steele silence by counterattack that put the irritation.
And put a force on the hands and feet that support the body for the ground, And also usually jump occurs in fast powerful behavior than in adding systemic spring. Almost like beast - not, it was a beast as it is operating.
And while bouncing happening in the whole body, Steele was swung up the Habiki been mithral alloy long sword with the right hand.
Long sword is Gou~tsu, a sharp strong wind sword while raising the sound still are within attack range opponent - to Takeru trying bite the blade to the woman of red short hair.
Jump happened like rounded up attack, was a figure such as if consuming flew to throat carnivores prey. Long sword would place such as sharp fangs, or claws of steel.
Timing of counterattack, sword-speed, angle, gap of consciousness, steel of superior physical ability, meshing them various of the elements is well, counterattack of Steele has become even difficult haymaker prevent Far avoid if ordinary opponent was.
Said that is Habiki, long sword is no difference to being a lump of metal. Therefore if this remains long sword is hurt irony of woman of red short hair, would fold hit the bone.
In this blow, Steele to win the game with the woman of red short hair.
Life is not deprived, but wins will be the steel get correctly.

And he was going, as long as it is usually. But -

"- ~Tsu Hump Naa!"

- Gagyi~i~inn !! and shrilly hard collision sound I sounded a wide «external training field».

Dangerous sparks along with the sound, the same Biribiri and numbness is propagated to the whole body from the right hand that was holding a long sword of steel at the same time.

"- Pitch"

Involuntarily Tsk leaked.

But there was confident that would have me decisive victory blow has been Habiki with a red short hair woman Hatchet ( Machete ) It also would not be helped and if played in extremis to.
While feeling a slight numbness in the hands Steele switch the feeling immediately, was feeding the attack again.
And took one step, blow Kesagake.
World of sense - [ Combat maneuver ( Arts ) Not rely on such auxiliary of], powerful matchless a silvery white Kibatsume撃 fed out by pure physical manipulation techniques such as linkage of footwork and body.
Public generally a kind of animal type monsters called «Gurunaserufu» in - - red deer silvery white Kibatsume撃 is that living in current Steele who is present "Kuuderun Great Forest" if degree, monster-specific have hidden the power of the more easy-to-eat thousand cut in the neck that was protected by tough musculoskeletal.

Only this time the blade, I think is rice that.

But again, high-pitched sound echoes.
As with the previous blow, because red Short woman of hatchet drew long sword.

Hatchet is more of Steel is a wide attack range because not long enough long sword, was higher in heavy chunky hatchet is speaking only attack power. And whether the casually lightly wielded to have red Short woman of Ryoryoku it, would be one of the factors that it was also prevented it is more than apparent.

(There is on some speaking only attack power, if applicable)

Compete on the of if trouble has lost the power of blow.
Layers were snap judgment, Steele and manipulate to freely as if an extension of his own hand a long sword, repeat the slashing in order to defeat the enemy.
Long sword to be wielded at high speed, hatchet moves to ambush it.
again and again silver blende that both produce a blink, the same echoing the hard sound of the same number of times going splattered a myriad of spark.

The 86 Semele if either or shed is prevented, to flow to or prevents if Rarere attack.

Seesaw battle. Violently switch offense and defense and the standing position. Step of traces that are engraved on the ground. If you look from a third party followed by the last minute of the exchange just like dance performance.
Scratch go Both gradually increasing, but the injury of more than scratch go sprinkled with without slashing be held also with both.

Shrill harsh metal our scream - distorted extravaganza.

About that time becomes longer the longer, smile Steele float had become ferocious things.

He not be attacking the steel that would outweigh the far than your opponent in many parts such as combat experience. Steele has not defeated Uchiha as a matter of course, that can not be attacked is to uplift the spirit of steel.
And even if I can put someone to the brink to win many times, the last blow enters go been around in the last minute. It was close to such feeling trying like grab water.

(So ​​much the number of days to Te I Te Kei~tsu ~E~tsu, and arm up too Daro~oga~tsu)

While smiling ferocious beast intact smile, Steele was impressed nisin for the first time in the growth of red short hair woman.

Red Short woman - Ruberia Wall line mercenary team « The Essential for the war ( Parabellum ) Was returned »is the head of the apo Akira us and a few the 10th the first time is that of last night.
I wanted leave within the last night you would otherwise, but the banquet by feedback celebrated there was no supposed to be since it was opened.
Therefore now, [ Teacher ( Master ) [Steele and came back for the first time in a few the 10th is] Disciple ( Disa~ipuru ) And he is a has been Lumpur base to the rear and thus after a long time the combat specific bout is], but the combat capability Le base rear had become things that far beyond imagination of steel.
Growth, it is like is better such as evolution progress rather than a.

Steele Le base rear is new [ Occupation ( Job ) ] That got one I had heard.
It is not yet been told until what are, but to it by the body's ability has been able to predict from the front of bout're dramatically improved, the steel in the offense and defense so far measured the degree of elevation .
As a result Lumpur base rear is "physical ability has been enhanced explosive", but still was still physical ability is Steele wins. Certainly an improvement in physical performance there was a remarkable thing, but Steele if it only is supposed to have won easily in Le base rear.

Steele own Rube as rear was so, apo Akira who is in the absence [ Ma喰 warrior ( Noir solder ) ] And [ Beast knight ( Beast Night ) Of two of [ Occupation ( Job ) ] I was the gaining new.
Seemed meet most of the criteria for obtaining very much, it is the remaining has been undigested conditions than apo Akira we have obtained clear without Less than few days to departure.
There is also a time to train two of the new profession and carefully, occupational level up in its own way, it had from previous [ Occupation ( Job ) Physical ability of steel is rising dramatically by the synergistic effect with].
The truth might be amazed what Le base rear got the body's ability to close to such steel in [profession] of only one, surely those of Steele Athletic at the moment.
So if fighting Lumpur base rear is just only rose physical ability in, chance of victory Le base to rear me was what was not.
But as reality, Steele's is not win even while cornered Le base rear rather than strength Le base rear is only physical ability, did not the other to and superior combat techniques it is mingled with nature.
Although there is above still it is technically of steel now, le downy rear with a small time that dozens days stood a skill that close to it is had been mastered.
No, if only attention to prevent the enemy's attack, there was even a possibility that even beyond steel. That blow of Truth is not determined is the evidence.

Le base rear seems to apparently excel to protect than attack.

Moshirube rear is [ Guardian knight ( Guardian ) And if getting a [profession] that excel in protecting such], would that possibly had been plagued more steel. And it is also means that there is a high possibility to be so in the future.

If this remains Tsuzukere become strong, or not become a presence Le base rear which is called [brave] and [hero] maybe. I think that such a crosses the mind of steel.
There obtained instead, was a story that might not. Sueosoroshii guy, and steel is not issued to the voice was spitting out sigh.

But truly noteworthy and not at Le downy rear himself, is the presence that Tatakikon combat technology up here in this short period of time in Le base rear.

(Tidbit and shadow of large husband is visible from § over to the movement)

to prevent one sword of Kesagake by Le base is rear has been feeding, as it is flowing like counterattack. While it also prevented, Steele further took one step before.
Distance is shortened, it's Maai convenient good reach is for short Lumpur base rear. Intense blow of a hatchet is approaching. Intense slashing that would be overpowered by long sword if tries to prevent from directly in front.
Steele was flowed at a long sword by tilting it.
a result of distance is contracted to the rear base Lumpur who had muffled the power to unconsciously hatchet was diverted the orbit while rubbing the top of the long sword, but was the only moment was collapsed posture.
Should it is such as to induce to make it so Steele miss it without any, put one shot a kick sharp aiming a narrow fuselage Le downy rear. Go easy on there was not.
Sure feel the attack hits.

"Up -"

Small scream and air is pushed out from Le downy rear of mouth that what could not be the be avoided this time, and bent to shape of the body calyx.
Of current steel kick was possible to fold with a single blow a big tree. And in response to a direct hit of such kick, there was no going to truly Nirube rear is answered.
Flesh Le base rear while rotating violently go rolling on the ground. Fortunately soil of «external training grounds» is relatively soft, in advance, but large stones had been removed, but still not change the fact that Rube rear has suffered enormous damage.
stop eventually rotation while you roll, Le base rear was crouched on the spot without Okiagara immediately.
Eventually got up and whacked, but in the next moment was vomiting and kneeling. The clutter winding vomit, wear a tear in the outer corner of the eye. Mixed even slightly blood in what was high, blood was out from around the delicate body.
Scratch that had been owed by interaction with the steel also, seems to have it open again in the previous rotation.
Le base rear is dyed in blood.

and (was spear Sugichima~tsu, Kamona~a)

That said Lumpur base rear is equipped with a sturdy leather armor and clothing made from material of Hind Bear, still might be I should have more or less hold back to, and Steele was reflection belatedly.
But somehow, it seems it was a worry.

"Gohoggoho~tsu. ... Oh Oh, was I have taken one. It is my defeat. You can go and I thought I'd, and ~ Na was close."

Yes it was refreshing to whether it stood up Lumpur base rear while flicked the soil adhering to the equipment with the body, said so in a cocky tone.
And whether the wounds of systemic was cured by to say things in high resilience, never blurred new blood from the wound that the soil has been wiped with hem. It's amazing resilience.
Bleeding and stops is from the wound to be said was small with only a few seconds, and I wonder really got what [occupation].

"I do stupid is. Still lose to you Look ~E over NaHiyokko. You know, water Come rinse the mouth with. Woman by the Shaben INTRODUCTION catcher Ne remain defiled the mouth in puke. I do me or Gero woman"

"For example, lie. Yada, worst. Do say me ..., by Do not he did Gero woman. I once because I'm a weak maiden"

"Fool, sleep talking is really backs to say to sleep"

Still towards the mouth and equipment in Le base rear there is after you have vomiting, Steele put a voice while pointing the water park, which is located near «external training field».
While red cheeks, and refuted the Le base rear. However, since it was also right that Steele is saying, Le base rear lowered even head while discharging a sigh.

"As usual and abusive Teacher ( Master ) Thing such. Well, Nde will come immediately back "

and "Oh, it quickly I"

Steele forgo the Rear View going towards the water park in the trot.
Le base rear Rear View was reminiscent of wolf suffered somewhere puppy skin.

"Taku, I also a Nakuchi~yaike I ~E over beg taught in large husband later, Kolya. I want to be a mentor to succumb to his disciples ~E over Shiyo~o"

From love distance of about not heard undertone Le base in the rear, steel to take a one truth while scratching his head.
And have a little away, Chohon demon were to fight until here Le base rear in a short period of time - black skin and whole body carved golden tattoo and sharp of apo Akira with a three-angle, the figure I was followed in the eye.
Now bout with rookie us all that we have entered a new - in minutes body it has been already, in the body this is the first time - it was about to have a.
And Byoya the newcomers in the continuous attacks such as the storm - This is example last, do not kill of course - and it was also the scene are.

Lower body is male body which is the upper body is hefty man in Ryoma wrapped in scales of red Tetsuiro People Ryoma ( Drago Taurus ) - Dragon people ( Drago Newt ) And seeds Men and horses ( Centaur ) The multiplying to was like the appearance of the tribe species - is sounded the footsteps of deep bass, I was feeding the rush of easily kick dissipate best human dozen heavily armed.
Bursts and dressed the thick muscles and tough enough scales likely, quadrupeds of lower body began to rapidly accelerate while firmly grasp the ground. Tremendous agility and endurance where to can also be additionally run the enemy to accelerate up to speed in the run-up of the order of a few Merutoru, and huge physique of Drago Taurus was the things that inspire fear in opponent if confronted squarely .
Target also repeated sudden braking, sudden acceleration in a tough four-legged as fled next example, and that ultimately Hikikorosu the enemy, and care must be taken when the Drago Taurus to the other party, powerful in the simple attack law, it's rush.
But it been received in Kotomonage squarely, face shining in the startle I looked from a distance.
And I do not know what is what became of the next moment, the huge physique is lateral rotation on the spot and Gulli, and crashed to the ground from the back.
Several hundred Kittle dull sound commensurate with the weight of Drago Taurus that there is sound, dust is soar.
And from what even a steel that has been seen in a remote location is he not been able to know exactly happened, Drago Taurus that was thrown is actually something to apo wax, lying by myself why now this even it did not seem able to understand whether.

Therefore happened inevitable - it is not possible to prevent trampling of defenseless Ryoma abdomen to fallen apo Akira, victory or defeat is determined.

While sounded dull sound like crushed the scales was pulverized bone one leg sinks.
Then, after you have sprinkled a mixture of vomit and blood while making a grand sound, Drago Taurus was stunned.
And will be transported in a simple treatment plants by other members of waiting advance around so disturbing as it is.
And echoing voice to call next opponent of apo wax.
Was defeated Drago Taurus and fight, which is known as a tough race, it was only five seconds to events.
How Demon who ( Load ) Are classified into higher species among the species Apostle demon ( A post-le load ) The However much it, normally there is no supposed to win so easily Drago Taurus.
It was downright ridiculous defeated speed.

Next apo Akira opponent is characteristic thick long tail that is twice near the three Merutoru and height Ape-man ( Orrorin ) Integral - [ Nagao monkey ( Terutorin ) Is referred to as a] group, such as high-speed movement and attack using thick long tail is good - was the.
The excellent Drago Taurus in offense and defense both and would not even compare it Overall, it is faster than Drago Taurus Speaking only a short distance of the speed, it will say that pesky enemy that can tricky movement in agility.

Bout start - immediately Terutorin that around to the back of the apo Akira fast track by tail. Explosive acceleration force of about seem to have disappeared in an instant. Apo Akira does not move from the first Standups.

But the pair of eyes was calmly observe the movement of Terutorin.

From behind Ape-man ( Orrorin ) Assault on the right flank of the right hook apo Akira fed from high specific Ryoryoku, thick long tail is approaching from the left side of apo wax, draw such orbit not escape the shock by sandwiching from left and right.
In contrast, apo wax do nothing again. Defense even without, just an attack.

- Burst.

Sound clash meat and meat. It represents vividly the strength of the attack. But apo wax unwavering. Bidoudanishinai. That figure had told eloquently as that's none damage.
On the contrary, those of Terutorin that attack wanted pain by holding down the right hand and the tail.
Rising it is pain that you attack, defense not even anything to those who attacked without, distorted context of.
So moved finally apo wax. Terutorin have tried reaction somehow, speed is too different, too.
Apo wax too fast, Terutorin is too slow. Like adults and children or more of difference,.
Hit attack of the exercise without having to look behind "can not be unidentified / visibility", petite body of Terutorin is blown away vigorously.
Go flying with vigorous drilling Terutorin - suddenly resulting soft soil mountain in the direction of travel. Terutorin is hit to the mountain, the mountain of Yawara-do is 爆散 to not completely waned momentum. And while splashing the soft soil, Terutorin flies.
Soft soil raised from the ground again - Second, to destroy the third, stopped finally Terutorin in four eyes. Jerks, and I have cramps. From the mouth had erupted bubbles.
Who copper combat Not even look. Chest depression in a circle, attack the question what kind of things was the the floats. But the answer is not out.
While thinking is, again echoing the voice of apo Akira to call next.
Terutorin had lost in a short about three seconds than Drago Taurus.

The next opponent is the like equipped with a dark green systemic armor appearance Instep 蟲人 ( Insect id ) Wanted was. Dark green systemic armor Beetle people ( In sector ) In mono called [exoskeleton] which is a feature of the system, its hardness is often mono to surpass the steel.
And exoskeleton of instep 蟲人 which is a higher species of beetle people, far exceeds that of the beetle people.

Natural armor that can not be inflicted one flaw in poor weapons - [exoskeleton].

Beetle-human systems in most is that you are taking over the characteristics of a particular insect in some places, are facing now Instep 蟲人 ( Insect id ) The Daitoro ( Big Mantis ) Characteristics of was darker.
Hand was aligned the five fingers, not the same as human beings usually - and both hands now that became a big sickle sharp two swing. Scythe of both hands's even easy Kirisakeru weapon iron.
It is difficult to exceed the defense of hard exoskeleton just blow. And while instep 蟲人 is protected by its robust exoskeleton, will hit the apo Akira with a sharp slashing by scythe.
Although not the only apo wax aim the joint, I wonder it is not very difficult.
I think that such a crosses the mind of steel.

(And etc. Although indeed a large husband, I'm ~E Now Ne defeat to be so good)

Although familiar with the characteristics of the other party therefore derived prediction.
But indeed and it should say, or should such amazed whether, apo wax was Mise to break through the defense to Kotomonage.
The Steele saw is a figure of apo Akira approaching casually, is a scythe of shine was sluggish at the moment you enter the Maai, and or the moment you enter the Maai that can reach dropped beat take it to Kotomonage apo wax it was one shot of palm bottom that took to the.
moment the palm bottom caught the abdomen of instep 蟲人, sounds to the location where Do-hoon, a dull sound like hitting the meat bag standing of steel. At the same time, Steele was hugging the illusion, such as air behind is had burst like the instep 蟲人.

Often of rigid, immobile No Longer both.

What happened was whether, and the moment you try to Kashigeyo the Kokubi, collapsed the body of instep 蟲人. It is in collapse person who does not seem to like that there is consciousness even when viewed from a distance, it was possible to be barely visible that the blood of color close to purple have leaked from the mouth.
How devoted the impact of palm bottom inside, and Steele inferred. As well as to understand whether the situation there is also such a way to neutralize the instep 蟲人 without putting cracks one to robust exoskeleton, I thought also bullshit.
Exoskeleton is very hard. That although the impact is likely to somewhat street inside instead, aside instep 蟲人 and if beetle who have only the exoskeleton to the local body with a thin film of shock absorbing skin just inside the exoskeleton, for shock system of attack The strong Te. That the Tamekabuto 蟲人 To opponent kill by exercise [magic], such as [magic] and [witchcraft], or to the inflict damage say that common.
Apo Akira that Mise beating it squarely, the shock-absorbing skin of instep 蟲人 becomes a fact that bombarded the impact that can not be absorbed.

Clearly and be confronted by an overwhelming difference. How to disable that can not be far from the steel.
In retrospect, after all, instep 蟲人 who thought it would be flame enemy had been defeated in about four seconds.

From steel, big breath is exhaled with nature.
It seems to have stopped breathing unconsciously.

"Oh, absolutely, I ~E over a §. What a do Ne compete for large-husband, I palm to the Ari~ya. Win feel is"

And while said in mouth, steel spill Shoe and laughter.

to refer to exercise to come with it many of the mysteries of the special skills alone outside unimaginable common sense exists, black is perfectly overwhelm others the even the flesh and outstanding technology at the time of flesh and blood that sealed it state Apostle demon.
That and good luck that I met in unreasonable exist in too much, Gyoko that has been recognized as [use subordinates] rather than [the enemy should be eliminated] from its presence.
Re recognize it, Steele's laugh.
If even if there was a ruin at the end in accordance arrived at this state apo wax, Steele was able to assert that does not like regret.
It is because I'm sure become more strongly their own by following the apo wax, also, because had longing.
To the representation and Kataki the strength of apo wax. Helplessly, and had been fascinated.
Precisely because man like beast, it is what the had been fascinated by without trying on the strength of the apo wax.

"Oh, absolutely. ~E Over a § is approaching even a little"

While towards the envy of look to apo Akira you are fighting as usual very happily, Steele was to wait while a practice swing to Le downy rear come back.
In order to become strong, and because I thought a temporary also regrettable.

Not poor when so, I do training again come back to Le base rear.
Again blaring metal scream - Kengeki of sound, extravaganza.
Steele with a laugh as apo wax, continued to dance in Le base rear and Gin閃.

■ Д ■

"One § over good hot water's §. It 's the best §"

I finished a little protracted training, When I was a little past the two p.m., Steele enjoy the hot spring while sweat.
Steele is was human position to be feel free to take a shower since I was in the Knights of the Empire, but still natural mono hot spring was exceptional. Take away the fatigue of training, vitality comes Minagi~tsu from the bottom of the body.
The comfort that can be more efficiently recovered by the efficacy of hot water, Steele was delighted. Deposit back to the edge of the bath, I looked up at the ceiling, which is paved with wood while extending the body.
And had for a while looking at the ceiling, I remember the scene at the time of the training eventually close the eyelids.
Le downy strange footwork and body movement rear was going, of course, palm bottom defeated the beatings and instep 蟲人 that apo Akira had done, the spectacle that was throwing Drago Taurus revives. Such as that when in use is have the technology for yourself is to flesh and blood, I imagine myself are actually moving.
The first medium-people do not go well, but continued to leisurely image while soak in hot water.
When passed even a few minutes, from the first and this has been to be able to imagine a better sight. After To hear the actual way in apo Akira, can be more or less reduce the time to get.

And, in such a place, came another person.

and "is cheers for good work, steel-san"

The "king tired"

It is also not to check someone opening the eyelids, steel was able to determine the other party.
Steel that are here's Choice of bath that does not put only predetermined class Shah us. And it is of course man hot water. It applies to those conditions, Speaking like sheer pleasant of beautiful voice main, Steele was only one person in the know.

"Do not I ~E over Te busy or ~TsuTami today, but political teacher. Large husband and ~O would do because I have cut had 思~Tsu, no, I wonder'm was the flashy but ~Tsu, Ari~ya"

"Well. Well, I though I heard Speaking of seems apo Akira brother"

"Bookshelf. Difference I"

"And Nde had become a good experience of the new people of this time, I'll I'm glad as only that keep the tie. To I also was a good experience."

"Sori~yaii. As a place of political teacher to enhance if rich, because I our survival probability increases"

Eyelid and wash your face and scooped the hot water in the once both hands while closed, where finally Steele saw the horizontal.
To enjoy the same hot spring sitting next to the steel Hanhijiri-kooni ( Half-Saint load ) Political of - unique atmosphere reminiscent man in the demon who is very delicate physique, attract the opposite sex sweet mask, and I want to protect somewhere Even though male body, apo rows and one probably in Parabellum, two the contest lover - is smiling cheerful smile and smile.
But Steele's line of sight is not in such a harmless likely to smile, it had been poured into the liquor bottle and two cups that have been put in a wood tub in their hands.

"How are you with us?"

"Please, do the Clen?"

"It Because You'd better had a partner than drink alone. By the way this, is your souvenir of apo Akira brother"


Receives the cup from the political, ask pouring sake.
In white cloudy unique smell that scent from liquid, Steele was aware of the corners of the mouth to go up. And if asked by pouring, in turn, is poured into a cup of political.
Toputoputopu, and sake of sound. smell salmon spread. Throat has moved in order to swallow the Gollum and spit.


"Cheers, is"

The lightly the cup, then at once to drink and jerk.
And the tasty spread to mouth, Steele leaked a sigh involuntarily.

"Do § over. Ume~eji~yane or this.'s Sake Nante Kolya?"

By I heard Tteyuu "" Tour Rabbi run Pradesh ". With Toka's anything goods you have bought in the labyrinth city, certainly, Labyrinth ( Dungeon ) I feel you have, such as saying one or Toka's something of items that can be obtained in the "

and "should Sori~yaume~e. liquor that can be obtained in the labyrinth,'m often What is best is. ~Egana Ne know why either"

"We do not know anything other than Is that so? Most of my brothers and sisters this forest, it is interesting story. Please let us hear"

"Case? Other than this forest, do not know? Political teacher whether you have never got out of the woods?"

"Yeah, by there is no thing most of me and brothers and sisters who were out of the woods. It is born with much from, we are living in the woods.
However, because apo Akira brother had saying "soon political kun we also do not experience the outside and Na", I want soon go outside at all. From the time you have heard the story, I do I can not stop excitement is "

"Oh, so that the paddle. I do think it mon INTRODUCTION ~E Ne can be excited up there, but I wonder. Well, thing that political teacher to determine, I § ~E over Ne say anything.
...... Reminds me by, What political teacher Toka large husband, I do a much what age? I often acquaintance of Ajin: Demi-Human, but indeed Demon who ( Load ) Is from Toka of acquaintance rice ~E, but age do Wakan'ne ~E over in appearance "

"Well. ... Probably born was of about one hundred and twenty days before, is how I? I do not remember exactly about, roughly'm much is it. If you count the years in the course of the month, still later than six months I do not have. "

"............ What?"

"............ What?"

It Steele of movement lump and Gachiri to hear, political was tilted her Kokubi while in it curiously.

Note, slowly from has elapsed decent time, like oil - some steel startle, political and have hung on steel, but is in the hardened cause there is a big difference - as it is that while both hardens In awkwardness and hardness, such as when no abandoned rusty robot that is to move forcibly, Steele began to move.
The steel of expression just had a startle only.

"Born was of a much about 100 the 20th before, but when? In other words, from Eto by ~O. Roughly now April ( Shitoku ) With that mean before, I'm good? One year three hundred sixty-five days December ( Tonikumu ) Of the April ( Shitoku ) Only between, I'm not alive? "

"For example, yeah. I'll is about it, if we are born and month to date. Well As you know, gob grandpa Toka Burasato Mr. Toka is but more is older"

"No, no, uh It's Choi To check ...... but by, large husband and political teacher age of childhood, in was born in enough to do it by Na? Same good, I'm good to at that mean?"

"Yes. The others are led by Kanami-chan and Minokichi-kun and bias Jiang sister, I will stay the Toka Toka Gurufu-chan holy water chan Toka Gooni squadrons."

"I see .... Ndeyo, was trained from one the husband of political teacher Toka Mino Yoshi is, I'm large husband, in I Do not? Really'm good?"

"Yes, by no doubt, so.
...... Even so, thus revives is somehow nostalgic memories and talking. Before the apo Akira brother is me trained servants, there was also time that had been hungry without take in daily food also decent.
I in a few days or so of events, the first place I'd such should not have passed so much month and day Some say that. When I think the current situation, it'm wondering because seem that time is very distant date of event, Haha "

"No, no no no ...... Yeah, and by. For now struggling talk'm as keep the time being. Although I was not asked until now, me Toka large husband Toka political teacher, no first me the original that became group of mercenary team, I It was a group of hobgoblin, do they? "

That it had been mistaken that and without permission you did not know until now to keep up is gradually corrected, Steele heard to cling to like facts are confused about that so were would I even's auditory hallucinations.
Even if you understand that's a non-common sense originally present, even if I thought from the bottom of my heart that it is there that ridiculous, surely will not be there until abnormal, and it was Tage such vocal say even.

"Nonetheless, the difference you'll? We all, at first Imp ( Goblin ) Could. Nowadays [ Presence evolution ( Rank up ) ] To Demon who ( Load ) Toka Half demon who ( Half-load ) Though we have or wanted, it is goblin, including apo Akira brother us.
Prima facie, space star sister and bra village sister who I though was hobgoblin."

But reality was heartless.
Whether it is correct to use the word heartless, or I do not know is whether is wrong, it was anyway heartless.

Only occur in non-human [ Presence evolution ( Rank up ) Phenomenon that] is, Ajin: Demi-Human also evildoer who has gained experience in a few years or a few decades, including, diligently and to raise the level, and the level "one hundred" to reach individuals who further can only of evolution among does not occur only in those with talent.
Surely if the occupation level to "one hundred" [ Rank rise ( Rank up ) Unlike [profession] of human that can be], [of strongly accustomed evildoer in skipping one stage Presence evolution ( Rank up ) And that] can not be if there is no talent Constraint ( Risk ) But I exist.

It was the common sense of the world. At least Steele've been taught so, to friends of Ajin: Demi-Human was also said that it is so, it was thought that's a fact from Steele's own experience.
If evildoer [in a short period of a few months Presence evolution ( Rank Up ) If you] can do, if evildoer all surely [ Presence evolution ( Rank up ) If you] can do, human beings that it would not be possibly to spread the life range as of now. There even a possibility that had been in a world that is dominated by the beast who is a kind of Ajin: Demi-Human and Ajin: Demi-Human.
It much [ Presence evolution ( Rank Up ) ] The effect of bring to evildoer's the mighty.
So now, are collectively the heard information, Steele while feeling is common sense that has been almost destroyed the collapse perfectly, shoot a last question.

"Nde have a headache, I do a last question by. Large husband, I was able to exercise the Anna special skills doing what on earth? Why, I was wearing Anna fight how so much strong do I? Where?"

"- Is not because apo Akira brother it?"

Political will from Megurase slightly only thought of Steele questions Japan, said layers smiling soft smile Nikoli, and.
The carefree smile - or it abandoned the smile the to think - to see, steel that was Satoshi~tsu more kore and pointless was sinking the entire body in a hot spring while groan small.
Hot water is a cloudy, it is not possible to see in it. Bubbled and foam is generated from but where the steel sank.
Political had some time to see it, but began drinking is soon lost interest.

Visit a while of silence.

"It is really delicious, this. ... Labyrinth city, or. And I want to go."

Steele is one minute has passed from sinking. Political was drinking cups two cups in the meantime.

"- Buwa~a"

The steel that has finally emerged from the hot water is up scraping the hair with both hands, look at the political somewhere neat look while the hairstyle like all back.
However in the eyes floated shine have 仄暗.

and "Yeah. Yeah, I ant anything because large husband, a Naa'm good. about ours is, is supposed to a large husband can be classified into some sort of frame Hey. is supposed to be able to understand all Hey. to accept the fact as fact Kure~e only, ~E and Ne can to me. "

"It is so. Because it is apo Akira brother, anything I ant. So Is not good"

The "Bookshelf. Well ~ Anyway, sake Ume~ena~tsu"

Pulled the toast again, Steele was abandoned to think deeply, wear a smile, such as similar to the political.
Sake-kai of steel and political lasted until then alcohol is eliminated.

Then, two people came out of the hot spring is that going to each of the work.
The I entered the hot spring is because of sweat, he still has work that must be done yet.

"Difference § over Tet. Nji~ya and Kiba or § !! work Te ~Tsu"

Steele you were allowed to recover the physical strength is immersed in hot springs go doing the work vigorously.
Smile that pops into work, was something that is full of Harebare and lively than when you were once belonging to the empire.
Thus busy day of Steele go too slowly.

[Rusty Iron Knight's POV End]