Day 130

Day 130

In the end, I decided on having several groups head out again. For that reason, I produced ten carriages and strengthened them using various abilities.

My group consists of 24 people and will be taking 4 carriages.

Minokichi-kun and Asue-chan’s group consisting of 20 people with 3 carriages and will head for the Labyrinth City Purgatory in order to train and gather more materials.

The final group consisted of 22 people and were put on guard detail using three skeleton centipedes. Although the carriages can carry more members if I alter their size, this number is just fine for the time being.

Since we’re departing tomorrow, I instructed each person to get their luggage together.

Blacksmith-san and the Sisters are going to stay home this time around. There are four people staying since they seem to have things to do.

Sigh… Well, nothing more than to get ready and prepare for the best and the worst. Though I’m looking forward to the trip, I won’t lie when I say I also feel a bit uneasy. The feeling is only subtle though.

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