Day 129

Day 129

This morning after seeing Father Elf off, I decided it was finally time to get back with the Tomboy Princess.

In the end, I ended up deciding to accept her request.

Currently the financial situation with Parabellum is in a rather delicate state, it’s neither good nor bad. Certainly, there’s money from the escort job for the Princess that we had done, the selling of monster materials as well as the money we receive on a regular basis from protecting Clute village and it’s residents when they go out to harvest lumber from the forest.

In addition to that, Burasato-san and Supesei-san had returned with quite a bit of treasure that had included quite a bit of money they had appropriated from the group of thieves.

There was certainly enough money here to support our current personnel.

Since we are self-sufficient for the moment, earning more money isn’t a necessity, however, we should earn it when we can since you will never know when you can get work in the future.

On top of that, it also seems wasteful to miss out on the large reward from this request. If some sort of commotion happens, I may end up losing out on my commission, but it could still be turned into a profitable situation given the right actions.

It will also give me a chance to lightly probe around the Princess which might allow me to pick up some important information that might otherwise escape me. There are more advantages than disadvantages in this situation.

Assessing the information I collected with [Intuition] I ended up deciding to accept the request. However, if we’re going to end up taking the carriages to the Royal Capital, it will take some time to prepare them for the journey. Although we could also just travel there by air now, we certainly don’t have enough Falaise Eagles for everyone. The Royal Capital is also too far away from where we are currently located.

If I were to think about it, heading out with enough carriages would end up being more convenient anyway.

I also have to consider what members I should bring with me. Of course I will be bringing Kanami-chan with me as well as Auro and my other children.

While they are still in their growth period, they will still be a great help in any given situation. Hmmm, given the current task, I think I’ll bring around twenty people in the case something happens. Those that stay behind can continue training their bodies. It might also be a good idea to let them head out into the forest to gain some rather needed experience on the hunt.

I spent a good amount of time today selecting the members that I would bring along with me to the Royal Capital.

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