Day 128

Day 128

Today, a request came from the Tomboy Princess .

When we had parted ways with the Princess, I had secretly given her a communication cuff to use whenever she had the need of me, regardless of the time of day. As a result, we’ve had plenty of conversations, taking place during the morning, afternoon and even at night. However, this is only the second time that she’s making a request.

That being said, when the Princess said “I wish to make a request,” I sensed some trouble looming.

Is it just me… Or does trouble always come whenever the Princess makes a request of me…. No.. no that can’t be right…

Well, to summarize, it seems that the request this time is just to help train the royal guards of the Amber Palace.

Well, we did become acquainted with the palace guards last time when they had joined in the training I was having with Fire Lord-kun and the Boy Knight .

They seemed like decent individuals and they were even able to overcome the human racial barrier to ask to join in on the training of a ‘lesser race’.

That said, it’s not really a job I’m really looking forward to do.

However, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible, nor will I be refusing.

The reason is just that I’ve heard that the First Queen is a deeply zealous individual and I may end up having to take meals with her as well as being held in audience with her at several points.

It’s because of this I felt there might be an ulterior motive behind this request.

Moreover, according to my clones, it seems that there may be some big plan involving the Princess that might be about to go down.

I’m guessing she’s intending to get me involved in that.

Although I don’t have the specifics yet, this is probably the case in this situation.

That’s more or less why I’m worried about whether it’s alright for me to take this request.

Our numbers are now past a total of 400, but a majority of them still need more training and to acquire better equipment.

If a troublesome situation occurs and I have to mobilize the entire group, I’m concerned about whether or not we will be able to overcome the crisis. It’s still unclear and that’s what has me worried.

The reward, however, is not going to be an issue. The reward is a rather extensively large sum after all. Given that it’s royalty, that’s a given.

The reward this time will be less than what we had received from the escort job, however, it’s still considerably higher than the market price for the service requested.

The Princess is certainly our best paying customer to date.

It’s not all that surprising though since we haven’t had many other clients.

I think I’ll wait a little before I decide whether or not to take the request or not.

I ended up spending the rest of the day having another sparring match with Minokichi-kun .

In the evening, since we both had free time, Father Elf and I decided to drink some Elven wine and Labyrinth liquor while soaking in the hot springs.

Although I said we’d drink upon our return, a week had already passed.

Since we both had our own business to take care of, it really couldn’t be helped much.

That being said, since the promise seems to have been fulfilled, there shouldn’t be any problems.

However, I’ll stick with it when I say that Elven wine is the best.

It really is after all…

That said, you can’t take Labyrinth liquor lightly though.

It’s a bit unfortunate that it costs quite a bit since it’s quite hard to get.

For that reason, I’m sorry to say that Elven wine will remain my favorite.

Hmmm…… It might be a good idea to challenge the labyrinth sometime in search of some seriously high quality liquor. While considering this, I merrily continued drinking with Father Elf.

After some time had passed, Minokichi-kun and Rusty Iron Knight had joined us. The situation had turned into a rather unique drinking party for the higher ranking men. Since the drinking party with the men continued well into the night, Father Elf decided to stay over rather than traverse the forest during the night after drinking a large amount of alcohol.

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