Day 127

Day 127

This morning I decided to host another fighting tournament to decide the current standing of our hierarchy.

However, this time, there was a distinction between official members and provisional members. Also, because these battles were between combat personnel, not every one of our members was required to participate. That being said, because it was a great source of entertainment that our settlement generally lacked, there wasn’t a single soul that overlooked the tournament. This created far more activity around than there had been seen up until this point.

The results:

1st Place: Aporou

2nd Place: Minokichi

3rd Place: Kanami

4th Place: Avenger

5th Place: Asue

6th Place: Burasato

7th Place: Supesei

8th Place: Fire Lord-kun

9th Place: Wind Lord-chan

10th Place: Scarface *One of the Black Undead Knights from Day 121, he had greater intelligence*

11th Place: Rusty Iron Knight

12th Place: Suputo (One of the Thunder Dragonnewts)

13th Place: Gurufu-chan

14th Place: The Boss Monkey

15th Place: Redhead

16th Place: Illusion Lord-kun


It was a pretty emotional spectacle.

From fighting affinity you had towards your opponent, as well as the changes between battlefields and the changes of various factors that could have affected the outcome of the battles, it drummed up quite a bit of excitement from the members.

That said, it ended up like this this time.

It’s important to note that the commanding officer of Prière didn’t make it into the higher rankings.

Seiji-kun’s race and orientation isn’t combat oriented, so it can’t be helped that he wasn’t able to rank higher.

However, it’s a given that the remaining commanding officers were all able to score within the top 10 of the rankings. The rest of the influential members scored themselves within the top twenty.

Although there were various options for assessing people, I omitted them this time, more or less because it’s just plain troublesome.

That night after the tournament was over, there was a grand banquet. The meat for the banquet came from several Black Fomorians that I generated.

Yeah, festivals are great after all. The Black Fomorian meat was delicious as well… They were seriously delicious!

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