Day 126

Day 126

Recently it has started to feel like the weather’s becoming a bit more chilly.

It seems that a season similar to either fall or winter has finally come.

According to Gobujii’s stories, it doesn’t seem like this region is likely to experience snow. However, because there are plenty of children and newborns around, I passed off instructions to the leprechauns and their human helpers to start manufacturing some clothing for the cold weather.

In the morning, myself and Minokichi-kun shed plenty of sweat and blood in the [External Training Grounds].

Then in the afternoon I decided to give Auro, Argento and Oniwaka some training.

My eldest daughter Auro and eldest son Argento seem to have inherited both the blood of a human and that of an ogre, making them [Half-Ogres].

They were given names based on the gold and silver orbs they have.

Under normal circumstances, it would be unusual for them to have Ogre orbs, however, I don’t think it’s that strange considering that they’re MY children.

When Auro, uses her orb, a golden longbow appears that uses halberds, of the same color, as projectiles.

When Argento uses his orb, a silver longbow appears that uses partisan pole-arms, of the same color, as projectiles.

It seems that they are both naturally talented with long-distance weaponry such as bows.

With a little training and good effort, they should be able to easily hit their marks.

Their arrows aren’t even ordinary arrows either, I don’t really understand how they work, but both the halberds and partisans flew like normal arrows.

So, regardless of whether or not they were actually arrows, I decided to just refer to them as such.

Their power output was rather high as well.

It seems they create these arrows as they draw their bows, and since this is the case, they aren’t likely to run out of ammunition.

Given this fact, I could probably take them out into battle pretty soon.

Taking this into account, I decided to teach them plenty of close combat skills for the purpose of defending themselves, even if they were ranged fighters. It is sometimes necessary for an archer to defend themselves should their opponent close the distance on them.

Of course, the halberds and partisan pole-arms could also be used as normal weapons should the need arise.

As for Oniwaka who is a [High Ogre], he’s already cleared over 180 centimeters tall.

On top of that, his muscles seem to have developed to such a degree that he’s already gained the muscular strength of an adult [Ogre].

Because of that, I decided to teach him close combat techniques along with the other two.

I also called in Minokichi-kun to aid in their training.

Oniwaka’s weapon of choice is a Kanabo, a large club with spikes of pure mithril alloy.

A lot of his equipment resembles Minokichi’s initial equipment.

It would seem that he also greatly respects Minokichi-kun which made me feel a bit lonely as his father.

I have to say, it’s a really satisfying feeling to see your children grow stronger as the days pass.

In the evening, the remaining groups that had gone out finally began returning.

Aside from a male human I had stay out to spy, the rest of Parabellum had finally assembled once again.

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