Day 125

Day 125

Early this morning, while sleeping in the arena, I was awoken by a voice from the communication cuff.

It was Supesei-san and Burasato-san with a message:

“We have gained a great deal of treasure and information.”

Admittedly, still half asleep due to my exhaustion from the day before I asked,

“What’s this all of a sudden?”

It appears that they had killed some human thieves and had taken their treasures. However, it seems they had ‘invested’ it all on excellent weapons and grimoires without giving any thought to the consequences.

While swearing to never entrust the fund management of the settlement to these two, I decided to share a bit of information with them.

You remember the goblins that couldn’t accept my leadership and had previously left the group?

They were the ones that were given mythril knives as a parting gifts. At the time, I had demonstrated the blade’s sharpness by cutting my finger and using the blood that was spilled, attached a small clone to it.

While those guys were moving, I was able to fill in more and more of my mental map of this area.

At any rate, it seems that several days ago, they were finally attacked by some humans and slaughtered.

It’s unfortunate that they were not able to win, even though they were equipped with the mythril knives. They were killed by a group of fairly competent thieves, all of their treasures were taken.

I decided to feed the information about the group of thieves to the two.

Even if the information on other groups such as thieves is good, since they killed several of my acquaintances, I can’t say I hold any warm feelings for these thieves.

After I finished my explanation, I decided to go back to sleep.

The next time I awoke, Minokichi-kun approached me and requested to spar again. Because of that, I continued to spar with him throughout the morning. Despite being incredibly heavy, he’s quite fast. This, combined with the special flame and lightning attacks he continuously unleashes makes Minokichi-kun quite the formidable opponent. In addition to that, it seems that as I took more of his attacks, it became more and more difficult for my [Resistances] to defend against his onslaught.

In the afternoon, I went to Blacksmith-san and the dwarves’ place so I could start production of various items. I wanted to try to make a gun that uses gunpowder, however,due to various reasons, I decided to abandon this idea.

I’ll have to come up with something else.

Perhaps I could use spirit stones and magic to solve this problem by creating a Spirit Stone Gun or a Magic Gun, however, it would be quite troublesome if these or the mere idea of such weapons to fall into the wrong hands.

Perhaps I could install a failsafe into these items, something like “Cannot be used unless you are a member of the group.”

While I was contemplating that, I took a break at the Leprechaun’s place in order to create a special coat of arms for the settlement to use.

Well… given that I don’t really have any artistic ability… I had a women with [Job - Painter] take care of the design.

The design instructions for the work was simply to create a deformed black ogre with three horns baring it’s fangs.

Since we didn’t have the proper materials for everything we needed, I decided to send out one of the humans that displayed one of the highest levels of obedience to town on a Falaise Eagle to go shopping for supplies.

A Falaise Eagle can carry up to 2 humans or roughly 3 small Goblins.

To note, the ride is not a comfortable one through and it takes a good deal of practice to manage.

Despite that fact, I’m heavily considering capturing even more of them.

After my evening meal, Burasato-san contacted me again to inform me that their hunt on the human thieves was safely completed.

The group of bandits were completely destroyed and they had obtained quite a few precious gems.

Before ending the conversation with her, I told them to come back soon. I had already told the other groups this as well, so everyone should be returning home soon.

The fourth group, which had been having problems with cooperation seems to have finally been able to work together more or less. So that’s one problem solved.

As expected, sharing meals with each other and overcoming diversity through life and death situations together are helpful tools to forge strong bonds between one another.

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