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Day 124/Sidestory: Female Mantis Humanoid's POV

In front of my eyes the Leader and the Vice-Leader are fighting. The fight that is unfolding in the circular fighting arena build in the External Training Field, is so terrific that it is difficult to understand it at all.

Even for me who has superior movement vision because of my compound eyes, the exchange of attacks is too fast to be visible. The Leader who did not show his serious punches during training, is now piling them in succession and a red hollow trace is visible in mid-air.

The massive battleaxe of the Vice-Leader swung down, and with the thunder flames crushed in to the ground, blasting the surroundings. Running at an unbelievable speed for such a massive figure, making everyone looking think that the Vice-Leader moved in an instant, he clashed at the Leader with that speed, however unknowing as to what happened the charging Vice-Leader was blown away. He rotated many times and crashed into the ground. And the Leader who pursued with an attack, however I was not able to understand what was going on.

The fight as it continued even after that, was dominated by the Leader’s flow from beginning to the end. But because it was dangerous, only a small portion of the executives were able to watch it till the last minute, it was regrettable.

I too wanted to see it till the last minute, but as it turned out that way, it was impossible. We who were only watching were left half-dead because of the aftermath of the attack, speaking of the terribleness of fight that spread a little.

What did I feel as I saw the fight, after only the Leader could be seen at the bottom?

The Leader is a monster in Arts. Enough of a monster to incapacitate me barehanded even as I am wrapped in a solid exoskeleton. What would happen if such an existence used a weapon? I can easily imagine it.

Moreover the Leader has racial abilities as [Divine Protection】 that I cannot possibly explain, as he used powers that I cannot understand, even the one that opposes him is not permitted to compete. It is only possible to human beings to ever use 【Arts】, yet he used them, this was outside of my comprehension.

But as I am seeing it, my abdomen became hot, and only then it could be said that it was clear.

Wanting to leave a strong descendant, was my instinct. The Mantis began voluntary training. The Mantis is in heat. After having sex, the Mantis kills her male mate by eating him. The Mantis is not mistress material.

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