Day 123

After morning training, I had asked for an increase in the production of Ghouls generated by Kanami-chan, but the process has been quite slow.

The production through the ability [Intermediate Summoning: Undead] produces higher quality products compared to [Lesser Summoning: Undead]. 

Although there are some control issues with Ghouls, with Kanami-chan, absolute obedience is displayed to the extent they would commit suicide if ordered.

I decided to invest some time into working with reinforcing the production of Black Skeletons. I ended up working without any rest for roughly seven hours and ended up generating nearly three thousand Black Skeletons. The result produced thirteen Black Skeleton Commanders, four Black Undead Knights, and a new creation of six Black Skeleton Horse Soldiers that represented something similar to a Skeleton Centaur.

Though, the process was only really to produce the thirteen Black Skeleton Commanders and the Black Undead Knights. Out of the Black Skeleton Horse Soldiers, I decided to eat four of them.

Ability unlocked [Soul Eater (Ghost Bite)]

Ability unlocked [Stench Tolerance]

Ability unlocked [Black Undead Knight's Cloth]

Ability unlocked [Black Bone Army Commander]

Ability unlocked [Undead Knight's Lineage]

The [Soul Eater] seemed like a useful ability that i'll need to test out later.

Then after I had eaten them, I tried to modify two of the Black Undead Knights that were [Scarfaces] and the remaining Black Skeleton Horse Soldiers using [Synthesis] and [Bone Union]. 

I changed the upper body that was like that of a human being of the Black Skeleton Horse Soldier into a form that imitated a dragon-head type gargoyle.

There were a few gaps in the black bone that was like the splendid horse.

With the Scarface, I removed the lower half of the body and performed further remodeling of the splendid horse using the black bones of the lower body though there weren't enough to finish the product so I had to scrap a few things for the parts. I then began connecting the splendid horse and the Scarface together.

The natural weapons such as the spear types began to develop from the four pairs of arms coming from the body. The Black aura armor began to cover the body and it began to grow a bit stiff.

Currently, the Scarface gives off the feel of being something like a [Black Undead Dragoon Knight].

The upper body is that of the Black Undead Knight and the lower body is that of the splendid horse-like centaur. It's pretty intense, and above all else, it's huge.

It's height is at least four meters, maybe more and it also has excellent mobility with the lower body of the splendid horse. The eight-armed upper body and the lower body of a horse offered a large variety of attack possibilities.

The [Scarface] seemed to be far stronger.

Hmm, this might be beneficial in the long run. Since the remodeling of the Black Skeletons was more enjoyable than I thought, I think I'll give working with the Giants a try. Come to think of it, [Lesser Summoning: Undead] and [Lesser Summoning: Giant] are both summoning type abilities, I wonder if I might be able to combine them. I wonder if I might be able to create Giant Skeletons.

I'm anxious, but I decided to go to bed because I was pretty sleepy today.

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