Day 122/Sidestory Guild Master's POV

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Oh, Good morning Ririchia-san! There's something tight under my waist today. It sure does look funny with my belly sticking out.

What? Sexual harrrassment? You don't hate it though. This is just skinship between a superior and his subordinate. It's just a simple physical contact. Nothing malicious about it.

How about you resheathe the knife you got there. Dont you have a duty to protect me? What a shame, you're just nice to look at. Is that knife coated with poison? Please don't come close to me with that. Since I'm low level, a small cut will kill me instantly.

Ah there we go thank you for putting that away. Ok, so it might have been slight sexual harrassment, but you frowning is such a shame. I like it better if you smile. You're a lot cuter when you smile. You really should laugh more as well; you're beautiful when you smile.

Oh, are you blushing? Or are you just tired? If you think you're going to catch a cold, try and rest today. After all, the situation with the Minotaur has been a stressful and unsual circumstance for you Ririchia-san. Rest well okay. In order to slay the Minotaur, I sent a Raid party in the morning, if I sent them in the afternoon, people would just make more unnecessary commotion.

What? You're not tired? Well, okay then, I guess we need to finish our work. I sure hope I survive you forcing me to work. So what do we have to do today? What? Accumulated paperwork? This sure is hard work.

Someone wants to see me? Well, I need to show that I'm a good Guildmaster. My intuition has served me well over the years of being a Guildmaster, and I've never felt anything like this before. As I greeted this demonic creature before me, I tried apprasing him and could not even begin to comprehend such a creature. He seems like a very high level creature, I don't know if he's concealing his strength, but there are a lot of factors to this.

Well, this situation just became a lot more complicated. Hearing the details about this Minotaur who's not a Dungeon boss, but a creature who leveled up to a minotaur. If this Aporou is telling the truth, then this has really become a hassle. To be truthful about it, I did not even consider the possibiity that it was a Rank Up (Evolution) rather than a dungeon boss. I forgot that it was even possible since such an occurence was so rare. This blunder will land the blame on me.

I don't know how he found out about this incident so quickly, according to my information network, Aporou did not stay in this city yesterday. He just got here. But now there is someone who cares about this minotaur. This information saying that it did not come from the dungeon but from outside the city is an apparent problem I have to deal with. It seems that he is telling the truth about the matter.

The real problem is what happened to the Raid party sent to subdue the minotaur. Maybe some of them survived, though I doubt it. Processing the deaths will be a hassle.

By noontime, everyone was waiting around the exit of the Labyrinth. This is because not a lot of people have ever seen a minotaur before. I have heard that these things were huge. And according to the report, this creature was bigger than expected. Expecting this creature to be a product of a rank-up does not fit the normal common sense. This is not considered to be standard. This is very intimidating. I hope we won't have to fight this creature with the escort squad we've gathered here. Even the strongest Richia-san wouldn't be a match. Everyone was surprised. The Raid party was composed of 16 skilled adventurers. The way they lost was incredibly discouraging. It was really surprising that no one died. Though they all had some very serious injuries. This has been a rather exciting day. Well, regarding me and Aporou, we seem to have built a friendly relationship. I feel that it's in our best interest to keep this relationship...friendly.


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