Day 120

Seven girls in total, well, that is Redhead and the other girls, including Dryad-san, who had not been present, were given a new title. 

Also, Dhammi-chan has gotten her long awaited [Rank Up].

Well, If you killed five [Black Fomorians], ten [Black Trolls] and Twenty [Black Ogres] by yourself, I’d say that would allow almost anyone to [Rank Up].

With the blessing from her God, she can bring out icicles. With them, she can freeze the Fomorians in place, or cut them open as if they were blades, or even crush the beast’s head as if they were arrows.

The sight of Dhammi-chan butchering these giants, whilst bathed totally in blood as it continues to gush everywhere was seriously a sight to behold.

She was laughing like mad as she continued to get drenched with blood. She had gone into a serious vampiric blood rage...

Now back to what happened today.

Apparently, Dhammi-chan had [Rank Up] into a Noble Vampire, a subspecies of a Vampire. This particular subspecies, as I learned, is far more powerful than most other types of Vampire. I liked the sound of this greatly.

What I liked more, however, was that she had [Rank Up] into a very powerful entity that had been beyond my expectations.

Regarding her appearance, it was just as Asue-chan as she looked generally the same.

If anything, her tattoo had grown to cover slightly more of her skin. It’s also a darker color.

Contrary to her outer appearance, her inner power has greatly changed. Her existing abilities are almost all enhanced, both in scale and power. When I witnessed it, I was left with the greatest impression of elegance and perfection.

Her newly gained ability, [Bloodsucking Control], allowed her to dominate her weaker opponents by sucking their blood. 

There is also one of her more powerful abilities, [Intermediate Summoning: Guardian Beast], which allows her to magically call up twelve familiars.

Oh yes, by the way, [Intermediate Summoning: Undead] is an improved version of my own summoning ability [Lesser Summoning: Undead].

This ability comes from the blessing of [The God of the Underworld], a blessing Dhammi-chan has, the ability itself seemed quite useful.

With this, I think it’s possible to generate monsters I’ve already devoured. Given the nature of such an ability I fully plan on eating any monsters we can find before we reach our base.

Also, with her [Rank Up], Dhammi-chan has acquired her true name [[[Hekaterina]]](Goddess who pales even the moon). The name itself is quite suited to her, especially if one sees her illuminated in moonlight.

However, unlike Asue-chan who I still call by the same name, I decided to give Dhammi-chan a new name. As such, I proceeded in thinking up a suitable name for her.

I came up with several names, Vammi, Paimmi, Iammi, and Bloommi as possible candidates, but they all sounded off. It’s tough to consider them as endearing names. But then I came up with Kanami by taking letters out of her true name:he(ka)teri(na). 

This time, the name is very easy to pronounce and is quite pleasing to the ear. I think it’s a good name, Well done me!

Henceforth I called Dhammi-chan with her new name, Kanami. Incidentally, when I told her that the other girls had also gained a title, Kanami-chan expressed that she had no comment on such an occurrence...

I couldn't tell if she was mad or not...

We chose to leave our hilly camping ground, which had since yesterday, become dyed red with blood.

We took a detour to visit <<Clute Village>>, the village I had left the protection of to several of my subordinates during the beginning of my travels.

After concluding our business there, we rushed with great speed to return to the forest of our birth.

Although we had been rushing at the beginning, roughly through the middle we had slowed our pace slightly to collect new materials to produce magical items. 

As a consequence, we arrived at the settlement roughly when the sun was setting.

Suddenly, I noticed that Kanami-chan, Redhead, and the rest of the girls had gone speechless.

While not as drastic, I noticed that Avenger was also surprised.

“What? What’s the matter? Why do all of you have such astonished expressio-!”

Well... If you’d seen what I’m about to tell you, you would also be awed by it.

Our little mine had turned into a fortress!

Oh! This is amazing! 

We’d love to inspect it to see what improvements have been built into our little old mine to transform it into such a respectable structure. Because today, we are throwing a banquet!

As a celebration of our returning home, I’ve brought out various meats and Elven liquor to be enjoyed by everyone.

People who have recently joined our settlement also take part in the merriment. 

Booze was poured everywhere!

The banquet had long since turned into a party.

I enjoyed the party greatly, but really, nothing could top the feeling of savoring Elven liquor in the Hot Springs.

This is the best!

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