Day 119

This morning we had passed the Fortress City Trient, though we didn't stop because my target for this morning's activities was the Falaise Eagle's habitat.

I've been thinking of creating a new Air-borne reconnaissance corps using those eagles since I first saw them.

By putting a goblin on top of them, gathering new intelligence would be a cinch.

So, for a good portion of the morning I went ahead and gathered some familiars.

It was around the time I successfully captured roughly 20 Falaise Eagles or so I heard a glowingly... familiar voice.

[World's Psalm updated]

[The Black Ogre's Saga]'s subordinate Asue-chan has ranked up]

[Condition one [Rank-Up] satisfied]

[Reward of [Earth's-Crust Thunder Maul] will be awarded]

Hmm, I wanted to check up on her, but it would seem that she was asleep.

From the sound of the situation, she had been engaged in a great battle against the dungeon's boss for most of the night.

It can't be helped if that's the case. I can wait a few hours before making contact for the sake of hearing the full story.

After several hours I tried to make contact again. It would seem that Asue had ranked up by defeating quite an imposing boss creature that had lived within the lowest level of the dungeon she was in.

She gained the rank of Earth Lord (Variant).

There are conditions that can be met to [Rank-Up] into a subspecies which will provide a [Divine Blessing]. When I asked her what God she had received a blessing from, she answered that it was the [God of Earthquakes].

Her physical appearance has apparently not changed that drastically. She now stands at roughly four meters in height and I'm not really able to request other features of her appearance directly from her.

However, now that she holds a blessing from a God's divine protection, her strength has grown immensely. She's also gained several new abilities from her report.

Regarding her height, she's once more... physically compatible with the now five-meter tall Minokichi-kun.

In regards to that, Minokichi happily informed me that their... night's business has resumed. He's surely saying that with one of his silly little smiles that he has regarding similar situations. Honestly... Minokichi can be quite the cheerful guy when it comes down to it.

Well, I think that it's all well and good. Though... I won't be passing on that information to others...

By the way, Asue now also holds a true name Terra. It would seem that Minokichi received the title 【Great Emperor of the Destructive Axe】 she received the title 【Earth Crust Thunderous Hammer】.

...Did I receive a title? I don't think I have one. There was a lot of Skill and Abilities though.

Those two are a little enviable.

Ah well...

From the same boss hunting group Hobusui-san just like Hobuji-kun [Ranked-Up] to a [Half-Saint Lord] and Shibainu a [Kobold Footman], [Ranked-Up] to a [Kobolf Samurai].

Shibainu the Kobold Samurai, just like Asue-chan, also received a true name.

Shiunosuke (He who goes through smoke screens). It seems like he's one that won't be hesitant to speak his mind. But I'm pretty confident that it's good to have subordinates like that.

After that, I informed everyone about the [Rank Up]. One by one everyone besides Dhammi-chan and Avenger offered their own congratulations through the communications cuff.

It's understandable that Avenger doesn't find the need to offer congratulations since he hasn't even met them before. Dhammi-chan, however, is probably just frustrated, understandably so. Among the original party of 4, Dhammi-chan is the only one that has yet to have her 3rd [Rank-Up].

A shadow is overcasting her beauty. 

I can understand her feelings and truly want to help her with it so I asked her "What's your current level?"

She said 89. Since one needs Level 100 to experience a rank up, given the current location, I think I can help facilitate this situation.

Well, first things first was the subduing of more Falaise Eagles to create more familiars. 

After getting the number up to around 30 I called it there.

Afterwards, the two of us moved off of the mountain trail.

I generated numerous [Black Ogres], [Black Trolls], and [Black Fomorians] for Dhammi-chan to kill.

The two of us had moved away so that no harm would befall the non-combatant women traveling with us.

As for the combatants, Redhead, Avenger, and the 3 Lords, I also allowed them to participate in the Exp-cheating session I arranged for Dhammi-chan.

As for Auro and Argento, it may be because they are half-human and half-ogre, but it would seem that they have grown enough to begin lesser training themselves. 

I carefully made sure that the training they underwent was not too intense so that it doesn't obstruct their further growth.

I did my best to make the training as challenging as possible to give them some good experience though. So here we are, these little children training for fun so that in the future they may become further accustomed to it and be able to involuntarily begin training themselves in the future.

Thinking about lancing between making it fun and making the opponent strong is unexpectedly tiring. I suppose that's what it's supposed to feel like when you are a parent.

As for Oniwaka, maybe because he's the least human among the four being a [High Ogre] he has already grown far bigger than the rest. I think that he should be able to start serious training from now on, just not at this moment.

For Nicola, who comparatively to that of her siblings, her growth is much slower. She's still so small that the thought of training her must be put on hold for quite some time. It might take several years in fact. But the idea of raising a little child of her cute nature is great, so I don't mind at all!

We did combat training from noon until the middle of the evening. We trained to our heart's content at our utmost ability so that we can become even stronger. It's a pity that all of those giants that I generated were killed, but it's a necessary sacrifice.

Besides, we can eat their remains in order to feel less wasteful about it.

I had generated 100 giants today and I seriously wanted to eat them all, but it was not to be since I could only at best manage 40 of them.

Thinking about the serious mass I've eaten, the rest are probably wondering where it all went.

The giants are seriously big, whereas my body is just around two meters tall so to tell the truth, I don't have any real idea what part of my body all of the food goes into.

I've always been puzzled about that really.

Ability learned: 【Heightened Stamina】

Ability learned: 【Ultra Recovery】

Ability learned: 【Demon Slaying】

Ability learned: 【Physical Attack Enhancement】

Ability learned: 【Wild Dance of Heavy Blows】

Ability learned: 【Big Game Slaying】

Ability learned: 【Armor Collapse】

Ability learned: 【Luck Reduction】

Even after eating all 40 of those giant bodies, I only gained eight abilities. 

I suppose compared to the [Black Ogre] the [Apostle-Lord Extinct Variant] will be very slow in acquiring new abilities.

If I'm honest, this irritates me slightly.

By nightfall we're all fatigued.

Sweat is flowing and we're covered from head to toe, our legs so weakened that they might give out from almost anything.

Thankfully, none of us are injured beyond several scratches. Nothing life-threatening.

Curiously, I felt the same level of tiredness as everyone else. It's possible that it's because my recovery abilities cannot do anything about fatigue.

About Auro, Argento and Oniwaka, they moved quite a bit during the last four hours of training. But since they moved so much they were exhausted and had passed out. Blacksmith-san had rounded them up. When they recovered they spent the rest of the evening just talking, thankfully none of them really suffered that much from fatigue.

After several minutes I got this swing of moodiness. I supposed that it was just caused from using too much magic. The invigorating feeling that rose from the depths of my being now felt quite dry and I was seriously exhausted.

Perhaps this is a symptom of [Magic Deficiency Illness]. But I'm perfectly confident in my body, I'm still a step before fully falling into the illness. 

My body was quite sluggish and drowsiness is attacking me greatly.

I'm just taking them as a sign before full fledged magic deficiency illness. Now, however, I can relate to the feeling that the female magician that was a part of the fight against the Giant Fomorian King back in the mountains.

I suspect that the best way to treat this is to just drink a [Mana Potion] so I pulled one out and drank it.

This is actually the first time that I've drunk this potion.

To summarize the taste, it's seriously bitter.

It has the taste that makes you think "I do not want to drink too much of this." But as I drank it, my overall condition improved greatly. This confirms my magic limit, something that I've actually never hit before.

The giant's bodies that I created was exactly one hundred.

The magic required to make one was equal to roughly fifty black skeletons.

This means that I can roughly create 5,000 black skeletons before I hit my limit, and I'll be honest when I say that this number surprises me.

However, this is just the number that can be created when the sun is in the sky. At night, I can continuously recover my magic. I'd say I could generate enough skeletons to wipe out an entire country.

Well, during the night at least.

Today I learned quite a bit about my self and felt exhausted. I put on a blanket and my consciousness quickly faded.

[World's Psalm] added [Black Ogre's Saga] is now [Black Demon's Saga]

[Update subject] Dhammi has achieved [Rank-Up]

[Condition [Rank Up] is satisfied, Dhammi is now awarded the item [Frozen World Empress]]

[Condition [Rank Up] is satisfied, the title [Formal Wife of ■■] is now available]

Yatendouji's condition [Lord] is satisfied, seal for the title [Formal Wife of ■■]is now partially released]

[Title [Formal wife of ■■] is consequently changed to [Formal Wife of Demon ■■]]

[Title [Formal wife of Demon ■■] is now hereby granted to Dhammi]

[Title [Formal wife of Demon ■■] is invoked, title [Consort of Demon ■■] is now available]

[Select person to be awarded the title [Consort of Demon ■■]]

[Selection process complete]

[Title [Consort of Demon ■■] is awarded to Ruberia Walline (Redhead)]

[Title [Consort of Demon ■■] is awarded to Emery Furado (Blacksmith-san)]

[Title [Consort of Demon ■■] is awarded to Felicia Timiano (Older Sister)]

[Title [Consort of Demon ■■] is awarded to Alma Timiano (Younger Sister)]

[Title [Consort of Demon ■■] is awarded to Spinel Fean (Alchemist-san)]

[Title [Consort of Demon ■■] is awarded to Therese East Eckermann (Female Knight)]

[Title [Consort of Demon ■■] is awarded to Doriane Duboué (Dryad-san)]

[Hereafter, the title [Consort of Demon ■■] will be automatically awarded to women who satisfy the conditions]

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