Day 118

 In the morning we set out from the mountains.

It was roughly mid-afternoon when we had more or less just entered Shirisuka Forest that I was contacted by Father Elf.

It would seem that they had finally managed to identify and capture the traitors within the Elven Village

Mistakes of this magnitude are unacceptable, so he said that he had personally overseen the entire process. He decided to inform me of this since I was the one who originally brought up that there was a high chance of Elven traitors during the Human's invasion.

Well, it wasn't much of a concern for us at the moment. The spies were captured, so when I finished speaking with him of the situation I decided to ask him of his impression of our hot spring.

I had already gained a rough idea through the communication cuffs and my clones, so I knew that they were popular but I wanted this information directly from the source.

The opinion I received from Father Elf was that it was "Like being in Heaven."


Listening to him talk about it made me seriously want to take a dip in the hot spring while drinking some Elven wine. Drinking Elven wine in an open air bath would be especially delicious.

I promised Father Elf that we should share a drink when we returned. With that, we finished our conversation.

Sigh... I really want to get back soon so with that, I greatly increased the speed of our carriage. The forest was quite lush, filled with trees and other obstructions for the carriage. In my rush, I'll admit that I used my [Earth Control] to smash a path straight through the forest. I'll be there soon.. wait for me my precious hotsprings and wine!

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