Day 115

Today, we chose the shortest path to reach our base as fast as possible.

We visited Mason Village again while we were passing by.

We also hunted in the woods and mountains in the surrounding areas for several monsters. One such monster was called Rostepelnogo a fungus-like creature with a green body that carries a giant wooden club with iron-like skin. 

Another beast we came across was called Molotoyascher, a creature with blue scales that carries a trident and has a tail that looks like a hammer.

Though in the end, I didn't receive any abilities from them. Naturally, after my [Rank-Up] to [Apostle Lord], the chances of gaining new skills became quite small. From this point on, it's quality over quantity.

Well, regardless, even if I don't get any abilities, I'm not really in a hurry. If I like a certain race, I'll eat them even if I don't get any power from them.

Aside from that, today was a peaceful day.

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