【Gossip: Great Emperor of the Destructive Axe's Awakening】

【?  ?  ?  Perspective: Story between Days 90 and 113】

A Large Demon (Ogre) is, a brown Large Demon with an axe and shield is, in the deepest part of the certain Labyrinth (Dungeon), a bloodbath of a fight happens.

The enemy is a Demon. The same as the Large Demon, but this Large Demon (Ogre) had black skin and a silver left arm.

On their battle, the Black Demon was superior. While being an imitation created by reading the mind of the Large Demon, the Black Demon reinforced by the Large Demon's imagination knocks down the Large Demon with it's overwhelming force.

However, even if the Large Demon was being pressured, it didn't mean he was being one-sidedly defeated.

The halberd in the Black Demon's hand. Lightning shoots out from the tip, a water blade flies from the axe-head, flames flutter from the pick, the butt end has the ability to manipulate the earth, this halberd was about to decapitate the Large Demon.

The Large Demon succeeded in partially destroying it. Additionally, the Black Demon's body was cut by the sweep of the axe, it's bones crushed with the massive shield , with a rock-hard blow he shocked it's brain.

But is nowhere near to make the Black Demon surrender. The Black Demon uses carefully forged martial arts to corner the Large Demon with a myriad of beyond human skills.

Water bullets that flies trough the empty air gouge his meat. The raising ground becomes spears and wound his legs. Raging winds becomes blades tearing his flesh, cut off his horn.

Suddenly a knife is thrown and his arm is pierced. The axe which is boasted of it's obliterating might is evaded and his supporting leg's knee is stomped on and bend over in a impossible angle.

The Black Demon's attack certainly shave off the Large Demon's life, however the Large Demon's attacks are healed by the Black Demon's superior regeneration ability.

Only the Large Demon continue exhausted, the Black Demon regenerate and doesn't show any fatigue as the battle continues.

But the Large Demon doesn't give up, and so he received destructive thorough blows.

His life was saved by his trustworthy shield's swing, parting from it and piercing it on the ground .

Out of obstinacy he didn't part from his beloved axe, however the pain felt from the destruction of his flesh, bones and organs was reaching a limit.

Blow after blow the Black Demon continue non-stop. At an almost imperceptible speed, fist as heavy as the Large Demon owns continue it's barrage.

The Large Demon was blown away by the last blow, at the verge of death after putting a good fight.

Just a little more, if he had been a little slower he would be dead. The comrades that were watching the Large Demon's fight, before they could do anything to help, the Large Demon was about to die.

But, help was given.

God's, the Blessing of a great one. Comrades, helping the Large Demon who the Black Demon was aiming at. And to the Large Demon clinging to the last of his life, a new power was given.

There was thunders. Golden thunders.

There was flames. White flames.

Thunder and flames surround the Large Demon. The half-dead Large Demon on the floor start evolving.

Bull-head Demon 【Minotauros】. With a huge frame and bull's head, a rank higher than the Large Demon (Ogre) from the 【Oni】 monster evolution line.

He slowly stands. The Black Demon is surprised by the Minotauros appearance, the Minotauros can't understand the current situation. But with a simple thought, the Minotautos with his beloved axe in his hand approach the fake Black Demon.

The Black Demon was a formidable enemy until now, but it was nothing before the overwhelming speed and power of the Minotauros. The axe blow split the earth, golden thunder and white flames flaring from the destroyed surroundings.

The fake Black Demon was exterminated without even leaving a body.

Thus victory was obtained. The exhausted Minotaur falls once again, but to sleep rather than dead.

Then in front of his comrades, the Minotauros is wrapped in deep peace.

- In the future together with the real Black Demon the world will know his name, this is the awakening of the 【Great Emperor of the Destructive Axe】.


【閑話 斧滅大帝の目覚め】





























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