Day 111

Day 111

Today, I heard that Blacksmith-san and Alchemist-san also obtained [Job-Demon Child's Holy Mother].

Unlike the usual [Job] that is given once the conditions are met the, [Job-Demon Child's Holy Mother] seems to be a type of [Job] that requires a certain amount of time to pass before it becomes available.

It seems that it is not that easy to obtain since giving birth to a demon child seems to be only be one of the conditions. In any case, it's also not really clear how much time it requires before the [Job] can be acquired.

This is, however, for future consideration since I haven't really understood this world yet, let's leave it at that.

After we finished the usual morning training, we returned to the inn for a large serving of meat-filled breakfast served by the landlady. She was already past her mid 50's, but she still maintained her beauty and shapely figure.

Compared to the food that the Sisters made, there was a gap in years of experiences to be able to make it this delicious. Needless to say, right after the morning training, everyone vigorously and greedily stuffed themselves.

Although I wanted to enjoy some more of the flavor, we needed to continue with the job of escorting the Tomboy Princess to the Royal Capital without any further delays. Therefore, it can't be helped, but I plan to return here the moment the opportunity presents itself.

With a slight regret to part, we checked out.

Due to our decision that we were to depart today, we spent some time gathering supplies until around noon. Afterwards, we grabbed food for lunch and made our way to the gate.

According to the Boy Knight's information, the process of leaving the Labyrinth City Purgatory seems to be more troublesome than most other cities.

I had been expecting such though. It was a lengthy procedure to determine if a specific magical item was your own or stolen.

Luckily, the whole process only required roughly 20 minutes.

To be honest, I just put all of our items into my Item Box that made it undetectable from the outside, so everything went naturally well.

Oh right, we gave the Princess a disguise, so her obvious noble aura was roughly hidden. As of now, she still hasn't been exposed as a member of the royal family yet.

It's quite clear that the aid from the Sternbild Kingdom has great benefit on the Labyrinth City.

The gatekeepers don't dare to involve themselves with foreign nobility, but the work that gets done is very efficient. They are pretty good, honest men, a bit serious though.

Simple enough to say, but there are very few that have an interest in falling out of favor with those in power.

The only problem that arose was when I jokingly suggested to the Princess that she should reward the gatekeeper by letting him kiss her hand. The Princess at first became very nervous, but quickly composed herself and declined.

Well, I suppose I can understand the Princess's situation. But if you really think on it a little bit, she really is quite similar to an ordinary little girl. Due to this fact, I often find myself thinking of her as a daughter of my relative.

We left the Labyrinth City around 10-11 in the morning.

If we move as fast as we usually do, we would reach our destination roughly by tomorrow. But today, I decided to travel at a slower pace.

The cause of this is because the Princess is with us, it makes learning new abilities rather worrisome. I used my clones to scout the surrounding areas, since today I have some other matters to take care of.

Browsing the scenery, the carriage slowly rolled down the road. Some of my kids hopped up onto my lap, I embraced Auro and Argento, they were sparring with each other and seemed happy in my arms.

On top of all that, the Princess climbed back onto my shoulder. After some of our more dangerous events, I started to allow this for security reasons. Other than that, the Princess just seemed to like it there.

She usually wore a sarcastic smile and would grab my horns when she wanted something.

Usually, these cases were "do this" and "do that". When she pulled my horn this time I asked her what she wanted. "Sing a song" was what she requested.

Well, I have nothing else to do right now so I activated [Job-Bard]. As a result, whatever I sang came out in a beautiful voice that you wouldn't think could come from me based on my appearance.

I chose a song from this world called "Charm of Isherundo". It's a song that Redhead and the Princess had spent some time teaching me earlier. 

With some light melodies and loud songs, we descended from the highlands.

Due to the proximity of the Royal Capital, there were many individuals passing by us. Naturally, a group such as ours attracted some attention.

There were several merchants who were even bold enough to offer goods for sale. With me present, there isn't any real danger in browsing their wares for a moment.

A small fish-like monster appeared on the road, it seems that it's rare and worth quite a bit. It seems that it is harmless if you don't approach them.

The Princess instructed me on how you would go about killing them without damaging the materials.

It was nothing, absolutely not a dangerous creature, though the Princess showed obvious excitement. While I was fighting it, I heard several cocky and loud phrases from her.

Oh well, as long as you don't get yourself into trouble, be my guest.

Aside from that, there really hasn't been anything else that has happened today, so I suppose I'll briefly talk about what has happened to the other groups that we split off from earlier.

Ogakichi-kun's and Asue-chan's group is currently conquering an underground dungeon called Dyushisu. Unlike the dungeon we just left in Purgatory, Dyushisu is located in the city Grifos.

Ogakichi-kun said, "We just started the conquest of Dyushisu, nothing to tell yet. I promise that by the next time we meet, I'll be sure to Rank-Up."

Ogakichi-kun's last few words had my ears buzzing.

When thinking of that combat addict Ogakichi-kun, I wore an excited smile. My heart is truly thankful for straight-forward guys like him.

The third group with Supesei-san and Burasato-san have gone into a great search for magical books called Grimoire's which cannot be read unless one has achieved the necessary level.

Those who have the requirements are able to learn the magic spell from it.

They are also seeking to purchase well known demonic swords.

These purchases aren't cheap, but it seems they were able to solve this problem by raiding some bandits who were trying to kidnap Elven slaves.

From the sound of it, they used live bait, which turned out to be quite effective.

I hadn't been aware that Supesei-san had many times more magical power than myself in my Ogre form, that fact is now obvious.

Even during our battles with the Kirika Empire, the attack power of Supesei-san's abilities easily exceeded that of nearly 300 people.

If ranking up will further increase the level of her magical power, her capacity will rise unimaginably... Though, there seems to be some difficulties with her ability to locate these magical books.

In this case, the bandits fought against Burasato-san who fought alone. The battle resulted in a literal massacre. They probably didn't even have time to regret their decision. In close combat, Burasato-san wields her dual [Blood Swords] like some Berserker.

Large-scale destruction magic from Supesei-san combined with the Mages she trains will be quite effective later.

Also, it seems that the Hobgoblins and elves have been training against small-time bandit groups who only attack weaker prey.

The bodies were laid out and used for firewood. I can say that this particular group is quite brutal, though these bandits deserved the dog's death they received.

The fourth group that consisted of the Tiger people and Dragonewts did their best to keep their distance from me. They spoke to me informally and were quite unfriendly. The group was made of two Ogres, one Hobgoblin, two Tiger people, two Drago-Newts and three Humans. The whole group consisted of low-ranking individuals and were not really important overall.

In the end, the Hobgoblin was chosen for his leadership skills rather than his physical skills, mostly because the rest of the group consisted of heavily physical fighters who only spoke with their fists.

Simply put, the group put aside the concept of "the strong rules over the weak".

It was a pretty good test to see if they could manage themselves. Putting them on a long journey together would force them to cooperate or they would not return. I don't expect them to be eating from the same bowl, but recognition of allies and being able to rely on one another is necessary.

I won't intervene if the muscle brains decide to take over the party, but if they do so, they won't receive any kind words from me upon their return. In my mind, I'm quite sick of their attitude.

The fifth group included 5 Ogres, 2 Humans, the Kobold Samurai and a Centaur.

This group was sent to investigate information on plant seeds and other agriculture techniques. Their group was placed under Dodome-chan. Her nature was very suited for information gathering, so I wasn't really worried about them.

Immediately upon leaving the forest, the team was divided into several minor teams and has already collected some very important information.

I wanted to tell them to not overwork themselves and stick to the rhythm. I plan to reward them well upon their return. This has shown that our settlement has one more capable leader among us.

For the time being, apart from the fourth group, they all seem to be able to do reasonably well.

The only problem is that fourth group. Although it was created to test its members, they still have yet to get used to each other and constantly end up bickering.

Today we traveled quite slowly, but even after that we should arrive at the capital of the Kingdom tomorrow. 

Today we spent the night outside.

Today's synthesis results:

【Disease Carrier】 + 【Plague Infection】 + 【Epidemic Scatter】 = 【Pandemic Black Apostle】

【Paralysis Claw】 + 【Burning Claw】 + 【Adamantine Claw】 = 【Blazing Adamantine Paralysis Claw】

【Thermography】 + 【Echolocation】 + 【Sense Presence】 + 【Sense Trap】 + 【Sense Enemy】 = 【Phased Radar Array】

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