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Day 20

The morning was spent on combat training. Compared to when we started, the expressions of the goblins had changed. Yeah, because goblins mature quickly, startling changes can be seen even in a short amount of time if training is done in earnest. This might be because, if they don’t quickly adapt to their environment, they’ll simply die.

In the afternoon, we hunted. We caught ten Night vipers, fourteen Armored tanukis and five kobolds. This is probably because our equipment dramatically improved. The deadly combination of Gobumi-chan's powerful and accurate poison-covered shots with the crossbow together with the rapid firing of the short bow was brutal, and because Gobukichi-kun and I acted as her shields, it became even more brutal. In addition, Gobukichi-kun made use of his high defense to get close his opponents, then delivering a powerful strike using his battle axe to decapitate them.

Together with my abundant abilities that I used to continuously vary my attack pattern and the direction of the battle, opponents at the level of kobolds couldn't pose the slightest threat for us. With our current level of strength, even if the kobolds turned up with twice our numbers we probably wouldn't have any problems.

Though what I truly wanted to eat was an orc. This is because I want to strengthen the abilities I got from the orc we ate earlier. After that one time, we couldn't find even a single orc. I wanted to quickly find more orcs, however, today I went back to the cave ahead of time in order to read books.

Well, having the ability [Job-Magician] is nice and all, and my magic power being increased due to my [ Variant ] status was also nice, but because I had no idea what magic was, I couldn’t use any magic. That’s why, I'm now reading [ Introduction to Magic: Basics of Magecraft Vol.2 ].

You might say that I had a surprisingly difficult time getting a grasp of it. Well, there’s a limit to how much I can understand just from reading books. And what’s more, I started from the second volume out of three!

If only I could see someone using magic just one time! Time, without listening to my screams, steadily moved forward.

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Day 20