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Day 19

After finishing morning training, I didn’t go hunting. Instead I went to look at the warehouse in the inner parts of the cave. Since some of the captured women had adventurer-like abilities, it occurred to me that items that have some relation to those abilities might have been looted together with the women.

Just from looking at the stuff there, even I couldn’t understand more than what’s trash and what’s useable, however, thanks to the ability I got from the orc, [Detect Analysis], I can see the items' details.

In addition, since analyzing stuff gave the ability experience, even analyzing duds wasn’t a waste of time.

With such a carefree mood, it seems I found a treasure trove. A fairly large one at that.

[ Goburou has obtained [ [Weapon-Staff] Beginner Magician’s stave ]

[ Goburou has obtained [ [Weapon-Staff] Blessed Mistletoe stave ]

[ Goburou has obtained [ [Weapon-Sword] Iron Estoc x3 ]

[ Goburou has obtained [ [Weapon-Dagger] Bowie Knife x4 ]

[ Goburou has obtained [ [Weapon-Axe] Iron Battle-Axe x2 ]

[ Goburou has obtained [ [Weapon-Ranged] Crossbow x2 ]

[ Goburou has obtained [ [Weapon-Consumable] Iron Tipped Arrow x50 ]

[ Goburou has obtained [ [Protection-Shield] Iron Round Shield x2 ]

[ Goburou has obtained [ [Protection-Armor] Damaged Breastplate ]

[ Goburou has obtained [ [Protection-hand] Solid Iron-Wrought Gauntlet ]

[ Goburou has obtained [ [Medicine] Health Potions (spoiled) x6 ]

[ Goburou has obtained [ [Medicine] Mana Potion (spoiled) x8 ]

[ Goburou has obtained [ [Medicine] Bottle of the Holy Water of the « Enrique Faith » x3 ]

[ Goburou has obtained [ [Storage] Backpack x2 ]

[ Goburou has obtained [ [Storage] Field Pack x3 ]

[ Goburou has obtained [ [Book] [ World Wandering Journal: From Imperial Capitals to Unexplored Regions Vol.1 ] ]

[ Goburou has obtained [ [Book] [ Introduction to Magic: Basics of Magecraft Vol 2 ] ]

[ Goburou has obtained [ [Book] [ Nature of The Prayer Offered to The Gods': How Prayers are Accepted ] ]

[ Goburou has obtained [ [Book] [ Recommended Guide to Erietta Continent’s Alphabet ] ]

When going over it, I found treasure after treasure.

At first glance, it seems to be composed entirely of unusable scrap; however, below the uppermost layer, lots of useful stuff laid sleeping. Yeah, it seems this place truly is a treasure trove. While there’s no great difference between the estocs I found and the long swords I’m carrying now, the estocs were in a better condition, so I decided to swap.

Compared to the obsidian knives that I’d been using till now, the blades of the bowie knives were longer and their edges were sharper. The length of the blade is single edged, only the tip was double-edged. It’s probably meant to be used as a hunting knife, I took the knives as well.

Four knives might be a lot; but since I had already made knives sheathes, there’s no problem. I expect that from now on, the bowie knives will play an active role in dismantling. After that, I ate the remaining estoc and the long-swords.

Ability [Improved Slashing Power] learned

Ability [Improved Piercing Power] learned

I learned [Improved Slashing Power] from eating the long-swords, and [Improved Piercing Power] from eating the estoc.

As you can see, by using my [Absorption] ability I can learn abilities from nonliving objects. However, that works only for items above a certain degree, the probability of learning an ability from an item depends on multiple factors, such as the power of the item's abilities, the quality of the materials used and my history with the item. If it isn't above the minimum required level, then eating the item would be pointless.

After reincarnating I didn't try eating items till now. However, ecause the quality of the swords was good, I thought "this might go well, wouldn't it ?" and ate them. Even if it failed, it's not that big of an issue.

However, I felt really good after succeeding.

After I finished eating, Gobukichi-kun and Gobumi-chan came by. Apparently they thought that it was strange that I wasn't around, so they began looking for me. They came at a great time. I stuffed all the potions and other small items inside the field packs. Then I crammed as much of the rest as I could into one of the backpacks. After that, I asked Gobukichi-kun and Gobumi-chan to carry the rest that I couldn’t fit inside my bags.

Gobukichi-kun graduated from his shell-wrapped cudgel to a battle-axe, and swapped his shell-reinforced wooden shield with an iron-reinforced wooden round shield. Since there was a hole in the middle of the round shield, I fixed it by attaching shells there.

After that, I made him equip the breastplate instead of the shell-reinforced leather armor together with the shell-helmet I made for him two days ago. Now Gobukichi-kun's defensive capabilities are the highest by far out of the three of us.

He totally looked like a heavy infantry.

He kept the cudgel he used till today strapped over his back as a spare.

I gave Gobumi-chan the two crossbows and fifty arrows. In addition, I gave her the obsidian knife I have been using till now in addition to one of the bowie knives to use as insurance, but this was her limit when considering the weight of all the stuff she was carrying.

Nevertheless, out of the three of us, the one with the highest ranged offensive power was her, and with her deft handling of the two knives, her offensive potential can't be made light of.

She gave off the impression that she was a hunter or an archer from how she looked.

And lastly, me. My two long swords were replaced by two estocs, in addition, I took a round shield reinforced by shells similar to the one Gobukichi-kun has. This shield was made so it could be fixed to my right arm, and still allow me to move my wrist without problems.

To protect my left hand, I equipped the wrought iron gauntlets. The gauntlets possessed less defensive abilities than the round shield, however, if the aim is just to deflect attacks, then it should be enough.

This way, I secured a reasonable defense without sacrificing my ease of movement too much. With the effects of the ability [Job-Light Swordsman] added, I feel like the my defensive powers has risen by another level.

I put the staffs and the other items near my bed and went out hunting. Won't it get stolen you say? No, I already made it clear what will happen if someone stole anything before we left, so there's no need to worry about that.

And also, since the goblins collected a previously unthinkable amount of tribute for me today, I returned the rest to them. I can't eat that much by myself; it was far too much.

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Day 19