Day 18

Day 18

After finishing morning practice, the three of us came upon some Kobolds while out hunting.

This time, there were three of them; two of which were equipped like the earlier one with armor and longswords, and the last one had a short bow and a quiver.

While thinking “Is this the second day in a row to strengthen Gobumi-chan?”, I checked the surroundings for additional enemies in order to make a decision.

With it being all clear, I chose to commence the assault.

With the Kobold that could attack from range with the bow and arrows being a higher threat level compared to the others, a sneak attack with a poisoned stone from Gobumi-chan's staff sling was the decisive action.

With the poisoned stone hitting the Kobold right in the eye, we stole away the bow wielding Kobold's usual composure and vision.

Not wanting to waste the time while the other Kobolds were in a panic, Gobukichi and I moved to utterly defeat the two Kobolds who possessed longswords that looked slightly better than the one we got earlier.

My longsword might be worn out, but for my current body, it’s just the right size. I've also gotten used to my body, so separating the Kobolds head from his body was easy.

Right now, the horn I used earlier is more like a knife now which might have made me feel the difference all the more.

Gobukichi violently broke all his opponent's bones, which was kinda gross to look at.

Gobumi-chan, with the pseudo-knife made of obsidian-like stone I gave her earlier, slit the bow-wielding Kobold's throat and gave it a finishing blow.

Apparently, Gobumi-chan's evolution direction lay in brains and speed.

To use weapons cleverly, intelligence was needed after all.

After that, we worked hard at disassembling the body. We collected the armor, Gobumi-chan got the short bow and quiver, and I took the slightly better looking long swords for myself.

Because there was no suitable loot for Gobukichi, he will have to wait till next time.

While these Kobolds sadly didn’t have any fire spirit stones, my collection of small bags increased by three.

One I kept for my own use, and the other two I gave to the other Goblins for putting medicinal plants in it. Now, if something were to happen, I’m sure they will be of great use. Each Goblin got one body to eat.

I didn’t get any new abilities. I felt that with just a bit more, I’d gain something new and the ability that I already had, [Predict], got slightly stronger. [Predict] lets me see my opponents' attack trajectories as red threads, so in battle it can be incredibly convenient.

After that, we hunted whatever we came across before we returned to the cave in order to sleep.

Day 17 == Day 18 == Day 19

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