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Day 15

Today we're hunting for the first time after our [Evolution (Rank Up)] to hobgoblins.

Since we'll be testing the performance of our new bodies in real battle for the first time, I’m a bit nervous.

Today, the first prey we encountered was a humanoid with the head of a dog and fur all over its body, there were two of them. I don’t know where they got them from, but they were equipping rusted armors with equally rusty long-swords. I decided to name this monster, [ Kobold ]. From observation, it seems like kobolds are higher than goblins in rank and at about the same rank as orcs.

If we include the equipment, then compared to the orc we ate, they're probably an even higher rank. In physical strength, Orcs would be more powerful, but kobolds would be superior in terms of speed and agility.

These two traits are embodied in the kobolds.

If it were the ‘us’ from before, we would’ve retreated immediately, or more accurately, used my abilities to avoid the fight altogether.

Using Gobumi-chan's accurate, poison-coated stones as support, Gobukichi-kun and I faced the kobolds from the front.

Excluding myself, who has evolved into a [ Variant ], Gobukichi-kun's combat ability increased significantly thanks to his equipment. His cudgel was reinforced by wounding shells around it, his shield was reinforced with shells and he wore a new leather body armor reinforced with shells. The kobold wore only a rusty breastplate armor while Gobukichi-kun wore various shell armors to help him. Gobukichi-kun attacked the Kobold directly.

[ Evolution (Rank Up) ] is scary, isn’t it?

Someone who was weak only just yesterday turned into a great warrior in one day.

Gobukichi-kun got some minor wounds and had Gobumi-chan treat them using some of our medicinal herbs. Gobujii told us about these medicinal herbs, so we had already stocked some of them.

While they did that, I took the opportunity to dismantle the kobolds. On the waist of one of them hung three stones. Using my [Appraisal] ability, I discovered that they were [ Fire Spirit Stones ]. Apparently non-sentient low-level fire spirits dwell within the stones. I pocketed them and then started stripping them off of their armor and hung the two slightly rusty longswords on my waist.

From the corpses, I took the heads, the hearts and the right arms. Gobukichi-kun and Gobumi-chan decided to split the rest evenly.

They left an impression as they had a strange texture. Although the taste is subtle, they were still delicious.

Ability [Kobold Language] learned

Ability [Predict] learned

As I thought, Kobolds are stronger than the average hobgoblin. The reason Gobukichi could win was because of the huge difference in gear quality. On the other hand, I could win due to my numerous abilities and combat experience.

Also, after eating the three [ Fire Spirit Stones ].

Ability [Pyrokinesis] learned.

I gained the ability to produce fire. In the natural world, it’s hard to overcome this difference. With this, I can finally make grilled meat, I thought…

After that, we hunted some Horned rabbits, then returned. Today, the tribute my goblin servants gave me were Horned rabbits mixed with Armored tanukis which surprised me. “These guys, they’re finally growing up…” I lamented to myself. I think I’ll give shell-reinforced shields to the goblins who manage to hunt Armored tanukis in the future.

For the evening meal, I grilled the meat the others brought, and we had a barbecue party.

Dev's Corner

Day 15