Day 14

Day 14

When I woke up, my body had changed so much that it couldn’t compare to how it was before I went to sleep.

The changes to my body shocked me. I thought hard about what I heard yesterday before I went to bed. I see, so this is an [ Evolution (Rank Up) ], huh. The mysteries of this world make me shudder.

No, no, from my own experience, I can understand; however, the natural laws of this world are so amazing that it’s beyond scary.

I now have a hight on par with the Orc we killed yesterday, that means I went from the physical body of a human child to the size of a medium-sized human in one night. My physical strength, eyesight, and hearing increased dramatically. Even the abilities I had gained before yesterday had also become more powerful.

This is scary. Even though my body has grown a ridiculous amount, I didn’t feel any sense of discomfort at all from my new form. Even though such a huge change should’ve made me go insane from the difference in the amount of information grasped, sense of distance and body movement, that didn’t happen in the least.

Even though my body had grown so much, I didn’t feel any muscle pains from it at all; instead, I felt overflowing power that was incomparable to before like a temporary feeling of omnipotence. Freaky, right? Seriously.

Now, if I was an ordinary guy, I would’ve probably be so happy that I would do stupid things until the feeling passed. However, the reality is that I wasn’t even close to being as powerful as I felt, and therein lies a trap.

That’s why the rules of this world are scary.

Now, that aside.

It was interesting to watch Gobukichi-kun, who had grown bigger as well, just stand there with a confused look.

It seems that he also passed over level 100 after the battle with the Orc yesterday, causing him to undergo an [ Evolution (Rank Up) ]. However, unlike mine, his skin didn’t turn black. In fact, I couldn’t see any difference in his skin color at all; he was still the same old green.

Well, let’s put that aside as well.

What interested me the most was his face.

He no longer looked like an ugly Goblin like he had used to be. He had a naive look that held some attractiveness in some aspects. His ears were still pointed, and his nose looked somewhat hooked. Nevertheless he looked a lot more like a human than before. Having green skin might not be very human-like; nonetheless his looks were approaching to that of one.

Then, what about me? While wondering this, I checked the obsidian knife for my reflection.

What I saw was my face from when I was young before I reincarnated with black skin. …Yeah, as one would expect, I was completely stunned until it settled in.

For now, I went to the wall close by our sleeping place, grabbed a caterpillar-like mystery bug, and started munching on it from the head.

After I calmed down, I grabbed Gobukichi-kun and went to look for Gobujii.

That’s because if I didn’t make use of Gobujii at times like this, his existence wouldn’t have any point at all.

Just in case, because it felt risky, I didn't mention the [Origin and Demise]-ruling [Divine Protection of the Great God] that I also received.

What I learned was:

  1. Upon turning into a Hobgoblin, my body and appearance became closer to a human. The reason for this is unknown. It’s one of the mysteries of the world. Apparently because of the Hobgoblin’s human-like appearance, they can even live in human towns. However, there is a long past of Hobgoblin slavery, and most of those coexisting with humans are former or still slaves. Those with good looks become sex slaves for sex maniacs.
  2. The difference between Gobukichi-kun's and my skin color is because I am of a subspecies. Subspecies are generally stronger and have special abilities when compared to the standard ones. Unless special conditions are cleared you can’t become a subspecies, which is why they’re rarely seen, so apparently I’m kind of unusual.
  3. Furthermore, my skin color is black. Black is the symbolic color of the oldest Great God of the world, the one who governs the ≪Origin and Demise≫. Even among the subspecies mine is the absolute rarest while being the strongest, and with studying, I can use the strongest [ End ] magic system.
    Also, to the believers of this Great God and his followers (gods), I’m somewhat like a living idol, an object of worship. If that’s not the case, then parts of my body are thought to be materials used in rituals to communicate with the Great God, so I have to be careful when it’s late in towns and stuff. Religion is scary no matter what world you’re in.
  4. How should I put it, becoming a Hobgoblin when not even a month had passed is supposedly very strange in the first place. The old man who’s still a Goblin said so, so it’s probably true. By the way, of the Goblins who left to work away from home, (apparently exactly 40 Goblins), only 3 had turned into Hobgoblins.
  5. Also, because Gobukichi-kun and I had become Hobgoblins before we left the cave, we were allowed to freely use the human women in the cave as we’d like. We also received the right to take things from the warehouse, and use them however we want.
  6. Oh-. Is that so-?

…Yes, because he was kind of long-winded, I ignored most of what he said by repeating those words and pretending to listen. Particularly around point three, and the reason for that is obvious. Like I said before, no matter what world one is in, religion is scary. Even more so now that I’ve obtained the [Origin and Demise]-ruling [Divine protection of the Great God] characteristics with my [ Evolution (Rank Up) ]. If word about this get out, it will be pretty dangerous. So I think that this is something that I should hide as much as possible.

As expected, we didn’t even consider going hunting today. I had a mock battle with Gobukichi-kun in order for us to accustom ourselves to our new bodies, the sparring was especially intense. Gobukichi-kun's power was too much for him to know how to utilize it, making him quite warlike.

Though I, who learned many different forms of martial arts because of my job, never lost, I could conclude that Gobukichi-kun's power was at least somewhat stronger than how he was before. As expected, it seems like his abilities are specialized in the vanguard role.

He wasn’t very intelligent or quick, but his offensive and defensive power had increased tremendously while making him a powerful tank and damage dealer, a hybrid character. Once we concluded our mock battle, the afternoon was dedicated to replacing our now too small and old armor.

Since I’ve grown, the horns that I’ve been using as main weapons till now became too small for me to handle effectively. However I’ll have to bear with it for now. My venom by itself is an adequate weapon, so I can overcome this handicap for now.

That’s why today's plan is to use the stockpiled materials from the Armored Tanukis, Night Vipers and various other monsters to create new armor.

I used the shells from the Armored Tanukis, and the snakeskin from the Night Vipers, to create new equipment. I was satisfied with the results. The armor I created was light, flexible, and quite robust.

To put it simply, it was an armor based off of leather. I didn’t make a cloak, but since it looked like light brown leather clothes with long sleeve arms and full-length pants, it should be alright. The shells had been placed in strategic location which further increased its defensive capabilities. I thought about my freedom of movement while creating it, so when I tried it out, it performed far better than expected. It barely obstructed me at all.

I also finished crafting Gobumi-chan's armor that I couldn’t complete earlier because of insufficient materials.

Since it’s mainly made out of Seven Colored Bats wings, it looks a bit gaudy though. It somewhat gives the feeling of being an ethnic costume.

By the way, todau's meal was Horned Rabbits caught by the Goblins (my subordinates).

It wasn’t filling enough, but it was still better than nothing. Since it tasted good, I pardoned them.

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