Day 13

Day 13

We were exploring a mountain located a little deeper in the forest today when we discovered a pig-faced demihuman walking through the mountains with a pickaxe on its shoulder. The color of its skin was brown and its stomach was sticking out, but I could tell from its slightly muscular appearance that it had trained its body to some extent. In addition, the clothes it was wearing were just a little bit better than what a Goblin would wear. It wore this clothing on both the upper and lower portion of its body.

I felt just a little bit irritated by this fact. The initial clothing that a Goblin has is just a loincloth, after all.

The superb item that was hanging at its waist was too large, and I want to take the item which can be seen slightly protruding from its clothes by any means necessary.

Yeah, I want to chop it up.

It's likely that I've discovered an 【Orc】, a monster whose fame is equal that of a Goblin.

Unlike the Goblin, which has the physique of an early primary school child, its height is a hundred and seventy centimeters... or maybe even more than that? Man, looking at it with my current body, that Orc is huge!

If one's unlucky, there'll be approximately a forty to fifty centimeter difference in height.

After observing it for awhile, I determined that the Orc we found is something we have a good chance of defeating, even if we launch a frontal attack and fight it alone. However, the problem is their numbers.

Orcs appear to be a stronger species than Goblins, and there's a big difference in their physiques. As for my current self, aside from going one-on-one with it, I may not be able to protect Gobukichi-kun and Gobumi-chan if we're exposed to several attackers.

If there's too much of a difference in our numbers, even I don't know what will happen. I can't get rid of the possibility that we won't be able to escape, either.

Having said that, when we discovered it, it looked like it was a stray Orc.

Just in case, I used 【Thermography】 to check our surroundings, but I have to be careful doing so because my eyes will become useless if I look at the sun. It's troublesome that it's so difficult to use during the day, so I used 【Echolocation】 to carefully search the area as well.

As a result, I found that there were no other Orcs around, so we decided to launch a fierce attack on it.

At first, we closed the distance with it as we remained hidden in the thick bush. Gobumi-chan then used her Staff Sling to fire a stone that was completely soaked in venom at the Orc's eye. Her talent with it has recently blossomed and the stone hit its target with the poison successfully invading its body after crushing its eye.

I was worried about her handling stones that had been coated in deadly poisons similar to instant death poisons. In the first place, it's impossible for the fight to end with this, since I can't refine the poison to the Orc's ability level, yet. However, since it felt acute pain in addition to losing its eyesight, it couldn't keep its composure.

Gobukichi-kun had then matched his timing with the attack by smashing his very thick club into the front of the Orc's knee with all of his strength, causing a dull sound to resound as the knee twisted at an angle that shouldn't be possible.

The Orc rolled around on the ground and screamed as its ugly pig face became even uglier.

Because Gobukichi-kun has completely disregarded wisdom and intellect since we began hunting, he was probably able to crush the Orc's body to this extent because his current body build stresses his offensive and defensive capabilities. This incident confirmed that it's possible for him to break bones as well.

Gobukichi-kun. This guy, he's producing results beyond my expectations.

However, he's an idiot (this is a compliment).

Having said that, I enhanced my leg strength with 【Pump Up】 and stomped on the back of the Orc that was rolling around on the ground before pinning it down and keeping it from struggling. I then used the two horns I have to stab it in an area that I think would be near the kidneys if this was the back of a Human.

The Orc inhaled a breath as it prepared to call for help.

However, Gobukichi-kun swung his club down on its head before it could scream, and an unpleasant sound could be heard despite the fact that he hadn't crushed its skull. After that, the Orc's blood soaked into the club as he repeatedly swung it down.

In the end, it wasn't able to scream.

As for me, after sloppily churning its internal organs with my horn and simultaneously releasing a muscle relaxant poison from the pointed end that I stabbed it with, I removed the horn and continued to stab the Orc with it until it died.

In this way, we successfully hunted our first Orc.

Of course, we ate it after that.

Gobumi-chan had both arms and the left leg, Gobukichi-kun had everything else below the lower back, and I ate everything else that remained.

As for the taste, it was like a pig after all. Rather, it was more like high quality pork.

First off, Orcs are delicious. Pork is delicious!

Ability learned: 【Libido】

Ability learned: 【Orc Language】

Ability learned: 【Detect Analysis】

These are the abilities that I was able to learn from it.

It was good luck that I learned 【Orc Language】 and 【Detect Analysis】. However, as for 【Libido】, although it would allow me to perform outstandingly if I used it, since I'd have to choose a time and a partner in order to do so, I'll leave it alone for now.

It looks like I'll be able to talk to Orcs from now on with 【Orc Language】. Since there's this sort of ability, if I were to acquire one from this system for the Human language, then I would be able to deal with them.

Now we come to 【Detect Analysis】, which appears to let me understand the abilities of an object I've examined (restricted to goods), though this depends on the ability's level as well. When I used it on a nearby fruit, I was quite surprised that it even displayed whether or not something was poisonous.

Yeah, it looks like I was able to obtain a very useful ability.

Man, it was really good luck that I was able to eat an Orc here. However, why it possessed an ability as convenient as 【Detect Analysis】 is a mystery.

Oh, that's right. I didn't mention it before, but I also collected the pickaxe that the Orc had. It's likely that we'll be able to use it for something.

After that, we hunted more Night Vipers, Armored Tanuki, and Horned Rabbits as usual. Because the sun had started to set, we returned to the cave.

We've gotten so used to dismantling that I could do it with my eyes closed, and we were able to finish the preparations without putting too much time into it. The results of today's hunt wasn't just split between Gobukichi-kun, Gobumi-chan and myself. I also let the Goblins in the cave that couldn't move well because they've been starving for a few days eat as well.

It's unpleasant, but the reason for yesterday's attack appears to be mostly due to the food situation of the Goblins from my generation.

Anyway, as for the attack's direct perpetrators, it looks like they wanted to help the Goblins from my generation that hadn't eaten anything decent in several days because they lacked the strength or wisdom to find food even if they moved around in search of it. There were more females than males among these members.

However, the attackers were barely able to obtain enough food for themselves, so it wasn't possible for them to support the others.

Therefore, since I was able to enjoy the most substantial meals, they wanted to beat me up and make me surrender. Then, they planned to have me gather food for the others. A number of them had gathered, and they thought that it might go well if it was me. It was simple, really.

Although I was able to laugh and ignore such a thing, it would be troublesome if it happened again in the future. Since they were depending on us to eat, it couldn't hurt to sell favors for the time being.

Man, I want to say that I don't care about those who can't obtain food on their own, but from what Gobujii told me afterwards, it appears that there are inept Goblins like them in every generation. It looks like most of them died, but as one would expect, they're too pathetic as the same species as myself.

This will be the first and last act of compassion that I'll do.

Having said that, they expressed their gratitude to me. They were crying as they said thank you.

Because I don't need their thanks, I told them to pay me back by catching their own share of prey to eat.

For now, I gave the pitiable guys a lecture on how to hunt Horned Rabbits.

I had some of them form parties, and advised them to put all their weight on their foot and crush its backbone after they block its horn by deliberately thrusting it into a tree branch. It's simple, but I judged that it would be plenty.

Anyway, this method will be tested in actual combat tomorrow. In exchange for this, I told them to bring their share of the food they ate from today's spoils to my place when they can.

This was probably the first time they've had meat for food since they were born.

I taught them how to hunt as well, though it was just the basics.

If I do this and they repay my kindness with ingratitude, then I won't hesitate to use them as sacrificial pawns. To be more specific, I can use them as decoys to lure something into a trap if it doesn't look like I can defeat it without being harmed. I'll wait for that moment without expecting too much from them.

Also, the five Goblins that attacked me have already become my subordinates. Naturally, they're completely obedient to my orders, so I assigned them some daily responsibilities.

The goods they presented to me for today's assignment was five Horned Rabbits, which I distributed to the starving goblins.

As for the phrase "survival of the fittest," it's really good when you're one of the fittest, you know.

I grew tired after I finished distributing the food, so I went and shut my eyes as I rolled into my bed, which had been improved a little with Seven Colored Bat wings.

Sleepiness immediately came over me.

【Your level has exceeded the minimum required value.

Since special conditions ≪Overrunning Lively Motion≫ and ≪Unique Behavior≫ have been cleared, it's possible to 【Rank Up】 into a 【Hobgoblin - Variant】.

Would you like to 【Rank Up】?

≪YES≫ ≪NO≫】  

Although I had a feeling that this was being displayed in my mind, since I was very tired, I picked ≪YES≫ right away and went to sleep.

Goburou has obtained the【Divine Protection】 of the Great God governing ≪Origin and Demise≫】.

Day 12 == Day 13 == Day 14

Translation Notes

Writer Note
Caudyr For the "Great God of Origin and End" part...I consulted my native speaking friend on whether "Origin and End" or "Origin and Demise" fit better, and he said that "Origin and Demise" did. So that's what I put there. ^^

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