Day 12

Day 12

As usual, we went hunting in order to obtain food to eat.

Today we hunted Night Vipers and Horn Rabbits, and we successfully hunted some Armored Tanuki as well. Afterwards, since the sun had started to set, we returned to the cave the same way that we always do.

Unlike Humans, Goblins are born with 【Night Vision】, so the darkness itself isn't a threat.

For that reason, I think if we could, we would continue to hunt since we can more or less see, even at night. However, there are many species that are stronger and more ferocious than Goblins that are active at night, so it's pretty dangerous.

Well, Goblins are basically a weak species.

These include the following:

  • "Red Bear" which resembles a brown bear with red fur.
  • "Triple Horned Horse" which is a monster that's similar to a horse. Its entire body is covered in light brown scales and it has three horns lined up on its forehead.
  • "Demon Spider" which is a spider that's approximately sixty centimeters in size. It has a characteristic yellow line carved into its black carapace, which appears to be stronger than steel.
  • "Green Slime" which is a small-fry monster like the Goblin, but it appears to possess a 【Nullify Physical Attacks】-like ability for some reason.
  • And so on...

I don't have any motivation to kill them though, since the probability of them killing me is higher than usual.

As it stands right now, I'd probably be incapacitated in no time if I was hit with a high enough level poison.

Well, that's why we return home and don't go out at night.

Having said that, we returned to the cave, which appears to be in a safe location.

After that, I was attacked in my sleep.

However, I was able to avoid the attack at the last moment while laying in my bed, so I wasn't injured. This was due to my 【Sense Presence】 ability, which is always active.

The main offenders were Goblins from my generation.

There were six of them, and they had some intelligence, since they had recently copied my group and started using tree branches as weapons.

There's a corner that I habitually sleep in, which I claim whenever I go to do so. Nature won't go easy on someone even if they're attacked by their own family with tree branches, though. While they were surprised that their surprise attack on me had failed, I didn't miss my chance to launch a counterattack.

The outcome of this was that I turned the tables on them.

I ended up killing one of the Goblins because I made a mistake in the creation and use of the venom that was dripping from my weapon thanks to my 【Venom】 ability, but that couldn't be helped. Since they were the cause of the situation, they couldn't do anything about it.

For the rest of the attackers, I successfully created and applied a muscle relaxant poison and used it to simply stop their movements. Just like that time with Gobukichi-kun, I beat them from top to bottom with a tree branch, but I didn't kill them. In the end, they were rolling around the area.

I'll hear the circumstances behind their attack tomorrow. Since they were injected with a non-fatal poison, they should be better by then, so I'll have to find out why they attacked me at that time.

As for goblins, our self-healing abilities are high because we grew up in the wild.

It's already too late for one of them, though. I'll say this again, but that couldn't be helped.

However, because there was such a commotion, goblins that were sleeping soundly had started waking up. It's only natural that the entire cave started to get noisy as a result.

I thought that they would say something, but Gobujii, the leader of the older Goblins, simply thought that it was survival of the fittest at work, so nothing in particular was said. They simply turned towards the body with a slightly pitiful look in their eyes.

Since I thought that I would be punished for killing a member of the same species, I was thankful that they didn't blame me for the death.

However, Gobumi-chan didn't understand the situation and was the scariest of them all.

Even though I pacified her as I restrained her from behind, I couldn't laugh at the situation because I had the most trouble saving the Goblins that attacked me. At the same time, I was thinking things like "No! A Goblin's skeletal structure won't let their arm turn that way! It'll break!" and "Their neck won't turn around anymore! You'll tear their head off!"

Oh, by the way, Gobukichi-kun was sleeping soundly the entire time. Well, it's said that sleep helps a child grow. In fact, he's physically bigger than most of the other Goblins from our generation. Is he ten centimeters taller than I am?

Because I can rely on him as our vanguard, I think I'll ignore the fact that he shamelessly continued to sleep during the commotion this time. On top of that, I wouldn't welcome it if the number of rampaging Goblins increased because he woke up.

Anyway, in this way, I calmed down the agitated Gobumi-chan.

I created and spread a weak sleeping poison which I released from my toes. After she lost consciousness, I carried her back to her bed.

After that, I took the corpse outside since it was unpleasant to leave a corpse of the same species near my bedroom in a pool of its own blood...or maybe it was because it had started to smell.

Thanks to my normal strength being twice what it should be at my current level as well as it being enhanced by the 【Pump Up】 ability that I obtained from the Seven Colored Bats yesterday, it was unexpectedly easy for me to finish moving a corpse that had almost the same physique that I have.

Gobujii said to place the corpse in a slightly remote location so that other monsters would come and eat it, and then told me to run away right after I did so.

However, once I had carried the corpse a certain distance, I hid myself and ate it. I did this because I was interested.

My thoughts? wasn't delicious, but it didn't taste unpleasant either.

This was the first time I didn't think something was delicious. I cocked my head to the side and thought about this for a moment. Since I thought that one arm was already enough, I left the rest as planned.

Well, that being said, today wore me out, so I went to sleep.

Day 11 == Day 12 == Day 13

Writer Note
Caudyr For the 【Night Vision】 ability (kanji is 【暗視(ダークアイ)】)...I actually decided to NOT go with the Rubi entry (which is Dark Eye). The reason for this was that the kanji translated to "Night Vision," which made a lot more sense and gives a clear indication as to what the ability actually does. "Dark Eye" doesn't really make me think of "Night Vision"...but rather some eye ability that has the darkness attribute. ^^
Caudyr For "Demon Spider" (actual kanji is “オニグモ(仮称)”), although the name translates to "Araneus Ventricosus (a species of orb-weaving spider)"...I decided to just go with Demon Spider anyway (the romanji for the name is Onigumo...and Demon Spider would be Oni Kumo or something like that). If I were to change it to ANYTHING would be Orbweaver. I wouldn't go and put that full species name in there, because it would be too confusing. XD It's fine the way it is though, imo. ^^

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