Day 11

if you want to read the manga for the day, it should still be available. Just click here to open the page and view it, same as before. ~Caudyr

Day 11

Although the results of today's hunting was only one kind of species, the Seven Colored Bat, we caught quite a few of them, numbering thirty.

Today we entered one of the caves we discovered while exploring as we were curious if there was anything in it. The cave opened up into a large and gloomy room that had bats crowded together on its ceilings, when...

...Yeah, we were really saved by both of the 【Sense Presence】 and 【Evil Eye】 abilities that I had obtained from eating the Night Vipers.

If I hadn't anticipated the movements of the Seven Colored Bats with 【Sense Presence】 and limited their mobility with 【Evil Eye】, I'm certain that we would have died, as I wouldn't have had time to give instructions to Gobumi-chan or Gobukichi-kun.

The unpleasant truth is that even though they were weaker than us, I was prepared for death because their numbers were at least ten times more than ours. This battle made me realize that numbers are important, after all.

However, it looks like the three of us managed to survive without suffering any major injuries, such as losing a limb.

Despite the numerous minor injuries that we had received, we survived because of the new armor that Gobumi-chan and I were wearing, as well as the solid shield which Gobukichi-kun was carrying.

Well, I think that it's important that we upgrade our arms, after all.

Putting the talk about such hardships aside, while the majority were able to run away, I dismantled the Seven Colored Bats that we were able to kill, and secured their wings and fangs. Once that was done, we ate the meat that was left over.

The meat was delicious, and it seemed to melt in my mouth as I ate it.

Each goblin received ten Seven Colored Bats, and the amount of meat caused our stomachs to swell as we ate them.

Ability learned: 【Echolocation】

Ability learned: 【Pump Up】

Ability learned: 【Vampirephilia】

As a result, I was able to obtain three abilities. Well, I guess I would obtain something if I consumed so many of them.

With this, I've acquired all the abilities that I can get from the Seven Colored Bats. Since I can't reinforce my body and abilities anymore by eating them, it looks like they can only be used to help fill my stomach from now on.

Given that the growth rate was bad because the Seven Colored Bats are weak, I figure that it's not necessary to force myself to hunt them in the future. That being said, I will eat them when I want to since they're delicious.

Anyway, it's great that we discovered their nest at the level we're at. It looks like all of their abilities will be useful.

【Echolocation】 is a suitable ability for understanding the surrounding terrain and moving my body through it, in addition to using my sense of sight. It looks like it'll be a good way to prevent surprise attacks, as well.

In nature, the struggle for survival is intense, so I expect that it will be a very useful ability.

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