Day 109

Day 109

Today, following the Sisters, both Blacksmith-san and Alchemist-san's stomachs began to swell.

This time, I wasn't very panicked and went through the usual process. I supplied them with energy while looking for a location to rest. 

Since we left the mountains the other day, no reasonable caves could be located.

After a short period of searching, we had no choice but to stop. 

I asked Fire Lord-kun and the Princess to get out of the carriage. I had no choice but to deliver my children inside the carriage.

I accidentally let the Tomboy Princess see me cutting open Blacksmith-san and all of the blood that resulted from the process. At the very least, I used my healing skills right after, so the Princess shouldn't have been able to see the effects of my blood.

Therefore, I decided that I wouldn't need to worry about that issue.

Discussing this topic feels as if I would be stepping on a landmine.

Back to the story. Blacksmith-san gave birth to a boy. He was quite bigger than Argento and Auro, and his species was [High Ogre]. Alchemist-san's daughter was a blue-eyed blonde human child with black tattoos on her body. She was born with several [Jobs] apparently. I'd assume that she would also have my genes as well, so she should grow quickly like the rest.

It was pretty rare for a child to be born as a human as it turns out. Though guessing from the tattoos she was born with, I'm going to hope that she is strong like the rest. It doesn't change the fact that I care deeply for this cute little girl.

Since I was far better prepared in comparison to last time, unlike the situation with both of the Sisters, Blacksmith-san and Alchemist-san suffered only mild pain. 

The exhaustion experienced by these two was not to the same terrible extent as last time either.

Even so, all of these children were born in quick succession. I wonder if it was because of their stronger bodies. 

Another thought of why they were born within several days of each other also brought up questions about their conception, but that's for another day.

Well, that aside.

I named the boy Ogre Oniwaka after a historical warrior, and Alchemist-san's daughter Nicola.

When I fed some of the [Antler Powder] from the White Stag to my two new precious children, their abilities seemed to improve greatly, like my other children.

With the appreciation of the hardships from all four of these women becoming the mothers of my children, I loaded everyone back into the carriage. I placed my new children in to a special bed that had been prepared before we had departed in case the children would be born.

Around mid-afternoon, we arrived at the Labyrinth City Purgatory.

Unlike when I was an Ogre, I'm now a Lord Species, and as such, things have gone far smoother during our travels.

It was of little effort to gain entrance in to the city. 

This city was surrounded by a circular wall made out of some type of special metal material.

There also seems to be a special rule that prohibits the removal of powerful magical items discovered in the Labyrinth outside the walls. This won't apply to me, since I can place whatever I might discover in my Item Box. Though I don't plan to challenge the Labyrinth in the first place.

As if reading my mind, I was informed that I wouldn't be able to access my Item Box in the labyrinth in the first place.

Since only necessities like food are allowed in, backpacks are extensively checked for a long period of time before entry is given.

For now, we searched for a good place to rest.

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